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Rancilio Silva brewhead pressure tester and also a q on fast water flow

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  • Rancilio Silva brewhead pressure tester and also a q on fast water flow

    Idea 1/ I recently overhauled the trusty v1 Rancilio silvia and i noticed a M6 hex bolt just sitting in the grouphead on the topside and it lead me to believe i could run a valve out if it to a pressure gauge, has anyone done this before to any success or is it a waste of time? I was very curious about what that bolt actually does and why it is there in the first instance.

    Part 2/ i also noticed that the flow rate on the dispense is rather fast, I tried to losen up the OPV to some success, but i still manage to do a 60ml shot in about 18 seconds or so, is this correct, i seem to see people dispense about 30 seconds on youtube, if so what can i do to fix this issue? the reason why idea 1 come to pass is because i have no pressure tester at this stage.

    idea 2/ I want to build some sort of pressure tester if idea 1 is a fail (i know i can buy one from the local coffee shop but that is too easy right) so has anyone had any success making a pressure gauge, being an aussie are there any good shops to buy a good cheap gauge, do they need to be waterproof or will any gauge do it, ie a modded air gauge will it do the trick?

    If anyone has any links i may have missed being new or some images to share or even suppliers for parts Id love the date, many thanks and its good to be on a forum that is local.

    Cheers Jenk

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    also i forgot to add, using a VST18gr basket in a naked portafilter and channeling is very minimal (which is great) and try to operate at about 25-30 mins after heating up the machine with the temp surfing for optimum performance.


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      Originally posted by jenk View Post
      so has anyone had any success making a pressure gauge
      Gregpullman has made one that he loans out. There are some pics of his build in this thread


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        i shall reach out and talk to him cheers barlo


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          update, part 2 is solved, i cleaned my grinder out (first time in a while, silly me) and re-calibrated it, so back to brewhead pressure gauge, any ideas forum?


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            Get the one in the linked thread


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              I mamaged to make a "garage-covid" project LV3Ninja