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Breville BES920 Dual Boiler - Getting fast extraction, pressure not going up

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  • Breville BES920 Dual Boiler - Getting fast extraction, pressure not going up

    Hi everyone

    I'm new here and a newbie! Today I got the BES920 and have not yet managed to get a coffee which is not sour or bitter 😅 The extraction is very watery/fast and the pressure never goes past 4!

    I have read all related threads similar to my issue, but I could not find a solution, reason being:

    1. The BES920 is brand new, I did the pressure test and it went up to 10 or over (dont remember but it was around 10)
    2. I also bought the Baratza Sette 270wi and tried many different grinds, from 11 down to 5. The pressure always stays between 3 or 4 max even with finer grinds
    3. I tried a few different grams, from 18, 19 to 20. Same thing
    3. The coffee is fresh, roasted this week. Its not cheap stuff.
    4. I read about tampering, the 20Kg force, evenly spread, leveled etc
    5. Im using the single wall double shot basket. I tried double shots and manual but same result
    6. I watched a few vidoes on youtube people using exactly the same equipment and same techniques/settings but no luck, always watery and pressure never more than 4

    I'm so lost and disappointed Not sure what else to try. Any help, tips or feedback what I could be doing wrong would be all welcome!


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    Welcome to CS - unless you have major problems with channelling (see WDT method to fix) you likely just need to have the confidence and patience to keep grinding finer - at some point, keeping every other variable consistent you will likely hit your desired ratio in 25-30 seconds which is a good starting point. Seeing a video of your prep and/or your pull if you have a bottomless would also help. You may grind too fine and choke the shot but that's OK too - just start backing off.


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      Yep as above, just grind finer. The consistency will feel like gritty four, so quite fine. Keep other variables constant so you’re not chasing your tail. Your dose level should be so after tamping the top of the metal base of the tamper is about level with top of basket. Cheers


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        Thank you for your feedback Blues and Artman. Well, I did not yet get a Portafilter and a 58mm Coffee Distributor so maybe that is making a big difference but I am still trying to get it distributed fairly good (I'm assuming!). I'll get these tomorrow and will go even finer than 5 (which I never seen anyone going less than 5 with the 27wi yet but I could be wrong). If still same result, I'll make a video 😅


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          Remember that grinder settings are not often reproducible between grinders, although I have not owned yours, so don't worry about what you have seen. The distributor isn't a priority IMHO - just provides a level tamping surface but the bottomless is definitely helpful diagnosing issues.
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        You mean tamper? The numbers are irrelevant to an extent. 5 on yours might be 15 on someone else’s. Put it in the finest setting and see what you get. Only adjust diner while grinding. You might need to shim it (the grinder comes with shims for this reason). Dose straight into the pf, shake/jiggle side to side to flatten the mound a bit, tap to settle, tamp and brew. Cheers


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          I had the Sette 270WI and I needed to use a shim in order to get the grinder to go fine enough for my machine. So as others said, the number are not meaningful - they are there for you to be able to reproduce the same grind over and over again. If you are getting to 3-4 and it is still running too fast, then pull out the top burr and install one of the supplied metal shims. Then readjust to around 10 and keep going with dialling in the grind.