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  • Some explaining please

    Hi All,
    I was just forward planing my next machine and have come across a term that I dont fully understand.
    The Term in question is HX (heat exchange).
    Is this the thermoblock type of construction?
    I understand the boiler construction that is easy.
    Could one of you help me? I am sure you can.
    Crisp Image

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    Re: Some explaining please


    have a read of Randy Gs new page on HX In simplistic terms the brew water is heated as it passes through the boiler water but it is a separate tube. A Thermoblock is basically an electrical element wrapped around the water path to heat the water.


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      Re: Some explaining please

      I might be able to help Crisp Image as a boilermaker a boiler is pretty simple water is placed inside a pressure vessel and heated generally used to produce steam to heat stuff.But if you add a set of tubes inside that pressure vessel and pump cold water through the tubes you can quickly heat the water to a desired tempreture.However with a thermoblock as beanflying said, the water passes in direct contact with the thermoblock.I am no expert in thermoblocks.