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Newbie: Espresso Machine Question

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  • Newbie: Espresso Machine Question

    Hi, I am new here & I am looking to purchase a Rancillio Silvia machine and when looking at the local website (sydney) I saw another machine that they currently have on sale for $699 same as the Silvia. It is the Java Espresso Perfecto, has anybody had any experience with this machine or am I better to stick wih the Silvia as everybody seems to recommend.
    Thanks, any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Newbie: Espresso Machine Question

    You never really know do you. So relly the basic question is Do I buy this car that has a good track record of reliability or do I buy this new car that I really know nothing about.
    Im glad its your decision Rickster. I just dont know matey, Is there any info on CoffeeGeeks IRT Java Espresso Perfecto? Read the reviews



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      Re: Newbie: Espresso Machine Question

      Hi there,
      I have purchased from Sienna coffee before. Ask them if its possible to arrange for a home trial for a couple of days. Ask the salesperson if the machine has been re-badged, as there does not seem to be much info on this machine around.

      Will you also be purchasing a grinder from them?

      I purchased the Cunill Tranquilo from them ... very good service. Was just checking out the current price, seems to have gone up from the time I made my purchase.


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        Re: Newbie: Espresso Machine Question

        Because of the lack of info id probably lean more towards a Silvia but hey Im Biased

        But I have heard Sienna service is very good. We nearly brought our Rocky grinder from them.



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          Re: Newbie: Espresso Machine Question

          I have an Imat Napoletana 2. The new version is now known as the Mokita Combi & I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a good espresso machine with in-built grinder for $700. But if you have $1200 for a Silvia & a Rocky go for it.