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Strange Taste- HELP!

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  • Strange Taste- HELP!

    Hi everyone,
    I recently bought a Rancilio machine and have a saeco grinder. I have to say Im disappointed with the taste of the coffee. It has a strange metalic quality about it, if that makes any sense.
    Obviously Im doing something wrong but cant tell what. Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any suggestions. By the way, the beans are fresh so that isnt the problem.


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    Re: Strange Taste- HELP!

    What coffee are you using?
    You could also try some filtered water. We have one of thse drip filters that bunnings sell and does the trick if we use straight tap water it tastes a little different but not what id say was metalic.

    Also is your silvia cleans? above the shower screen etc.



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      Re: Strange Taste- HELP!

      Ive heard that you can get a metalic taste just from the Portafilter. and it actually needs to have some grinds put through it, ie to season it.

      If it is a new machine the instructions would tell you to allow it to fully heat up and run some water throught it. so in this case I would agree with Graeme.

      What is the best way to de-scale a machine Graeme? and One that is plumbed in. You can usually tell if you need de-scaling when you use the H/W outlet and theres little particles of scale. But thats only my view at least.

      After I have used a bit of MR BOEMA (Group head cleaner) on our machine it too tastes a little metalic and this is where a good flushing comes into play.

      I would agree with Graeme. Your grind size is fairly important too. and so too is the timing of the shot.



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        Re: Strange Taste- HELP!

        thanks for all your answers and suggestions. I will try them and see how it goes.
        By the way, the machine is new and the beans were given to me by the shop that sold me the machine. Brunno Rossi espresso beans. However, I have tried other coffee since and it has the same peculiar taste so I guess it isnt the coffee itself.
        Ill try the filtered water and finer grind with a consistant tamp and let you know how I go,


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          Re: Strange Taste- HELP!

          Thats alright for you guys! you have a tank in your machines, mines plumbed in.


          That metalic taste is certain to be the Oils, Flux and other tastes that would have contaminated the tank when it was first made. It will take a fair bit to remove it.

          I was told to tell you to try this.

          1. Start with an empty tank.

          2. (this is going to sound strange) dilute some Group head cleaner approx 2tbs to 1.5-2.0 litres of water. (or Citric acid)

          3. Add into machine and allow it to get into the heat exchanger/HW Tank.

          4. Leave for about 30-45 mins max and let it reach full temperature.

          5. Every 5-10mins allow the mixture to stand inside the internals of the machine and run some of the mixture through the outlets ie the steam outlet and groupheads and HW outlet

          6. Drain water tank and at the same time add fresh clean water ie as much goes out is as much goes into tank.

          7. Just make sure you have flushed it out well.

          8. After you have ensured it is flushed out add some fresh water that you would normaly use for your machine and heat it up.

          9. Run a blank shot or two through your Grouphead

          10. Make a std esspresso and let us know how that went.

          Hope this helps



          P.S Ironicaly I just had a look at the site ( ) that Graeme sugested and its pretty much the same advice.