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Replaceing your own parts

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  • Replaceing your own parts

    Hey everyone,
    just a random question...when something goes wrong with your coffee machine do you replace the parts your selves? this difficult to do? which brand has the best cheapest replacement parts?

    i am interested in hearing everyone’s response...


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    Re: Replaceing your own parts

    Ill jump on the bandwagon here and sugest that if you dont have a practical brain in your body, then leave the fixings to someone who does. But if your willing to take the risks then do it yourself. OUr Boema was re-built by me, but oh geez I had a lot of advise from a lot of people who knew far more than me too.

    As to which brand is cheapest? hmm good one. Nothing is cheap. My advise here would be as everyone else says, Buy Quality, Buy Peace of Mind"

    Anyone else think differently?




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      Re: Replaceing your own parts

      The most Ive had to do is replace the brew thermostat on Silvia, incredibly easy. Not sure what Id do if something bigger went wrong. Id probably give it a whirl if I could get hold of the parts.

      I PIDed Silvia too, but I dont think that counts as a repair as such.


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        Re: Replaceing your own parts

        Sometimes having a go yourself is more beneficial.

        I had a leaking steam wand on my Imat Junior. Was told by a repairer to expect between $30-$100 for the repairs. Did it myself, took five minutes and cost $2 for a gasket.

        Think it just depends on the extent of the repair.

        Warren -


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          Re: Replaceing your own parts

          "I PIDed Silvia"
          PID......are you talking Propotional, Integral, Differential. If so, why did you need to do this, and (if its not too much trouble) how? Am I nieve in thinking my Silvia will soldier on for many years with no more than a regular clean?