Greetings all the coffeesnobs out there.

I am a coffee noobie cautiously treading the waters of fine coffee connoiseurship, not without trepidations. I have just recently paid a deposit for a used bezzera bz99s (livia) which i will be picking up in a few weeks time with great anticipation.

Being a uni student, obviously it is a big investment, but hopefully ive made the right choice and ms. livia will last me a while yet.

For the grinder, im planning to get the cunill, i know how much better the s/s mazzer mini will look alongside my bezzera, but refer to the previous paragraph re: being a poor uni student!

ive already got myself on the pull for some kenya AA, hopefully it will be ready for me in 3 weeks time when i get the machine. HGDB will be my first method into the world of coffee roasting.

Anyway, thats the end of my greet n meet

see you all around, and i bid u all good day and good crema