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Help Greenbean with Solis Palazzo Rapid Steam!

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  • Help Greenbean with Solis Palazzo Rapid Steam!


    My husband surprised me with a Solis Palazzo Rapid Steam for my birthday. I have used it for a week but am not having much luck with the temperature. Despite warming the cups, my brews are still not hot (enough) unless I make cappucino which of course is hotter. Is it possible to increase the temperature? How do I program it to make bigger cups? I followed the instructions but it didnt seem to make much difference. :-/

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    Re: Help Greenbean with Solis Palazzo Rapid Steam!

    Congratulations on your first post, Amazon.

    Your machine should have two buttons for the choice of small or large coffees. If youve been trying these and theres no appreciable difference in the volume produced perhaps theres a fault.

    The best way to heat cups is to fill them with hot water from the machine. Do that a few seconds before youre ready to brew, then empty out the water ,and brew. The cup-tray warmer is not hot enough.

    Have you tried taking the temperature of the coffee in the cup with a thermometer? Above 85C should be ok

    Let us know how you get on.



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      Re: Help Greenbean with Solis Palazzo Rapid Steam!

      Thanks Robusto, yes I have heated the cups with water from the machine. There is a difference between the two cup sizes... I would like to upsize the larger cup if possible for those early starts


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        Re: Help Greenbean with Solis Palazzo Rapid Steam!

        Hi Amazon,

        There are 2 coffee delivery buttons (3 if you include the pre-ground coffee bypass button) on the SOLIS PALAZZO Rapid Steam - if you follow the instructions on page 1 of the User Guide - you only have to hold the button (either small or large button) down for the entire process of coffee production and delivery and then release once you have the desired shot level in your cup. The quantity you produced in that shot is then memorised for future shots - obviously you repeat the process if you want to change the level.

        If you have lost your copy of the user manual you can download a copy from our website at the following link:

        If you are wanting to make a long black I would recommend floating 1 or 2 standard espresso shots over half a cup of hot water, rather than trying to extract 200mls of coffee from 7 to 8 grams of coffee. I would offer this advice about any superautomatic machine not just the Solis, as you add nothing to flavour profile of your long black by trying to extract 200mls of coffee from 8 grams of coffee.

        As for the temperature of your coffee - I would ensure you pre-heat your cup (properly), by pouring boiling water into it and letting it stand for a minute or so. This is a point I cant stress highly enough (again this is advice I would provide about any brand of superautomatic machine).

        You only have to go into any decent cafe and pick up and feel the warmth of the cups/glasses that have been sitting atop of a commercial espresso machine, compare this to the feel of cup/glass you get out of your kitchen cupboard.

        The first rules of coffee making are like the first rules a chef learns at school:

        - "Serve Hot Food on a Hot Plate".

        A barista is taught:

        - "Serve Coffee in a Warm Cup."

        I am sure if you follow those basic principles you will get a better result.

        If you have any further queries you are welcome to contact our service department on (03) 9460 6111

        Diamond C Services