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  • Jura S9

    Hope someone can help a green bean here. I love caffe lattes so I bought a Jura S9 cos I heard that would give me decent latte. But so far my lattes have been a bit disappointing. Bitter, even on the mild setting and little aroma. I used the coffee beans (Lazumba Milanese) that came in the box with the machine. It had a used by date of Nov 06.
    Im hoping its only because my settings on the machine are not quite right. Hope someone on the forum has experience with the machine and can offer a few tips to get a better result from it.
    Also how does grind size affect the brew?

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    Re: Jura S9

    Ive got nothing to offer directly in relation to the machine side of the equation but....

    The first thing you want to do is find a local roaster and buy some fresh roasted coffee.

    Or even order online form somewhere like * who roasts fresh and does speedy delivery via the post.
    * Commercial posting removed by 2mcm

    Fresh coffee will make a HUGE difference over the stale coffee that was supplied with your machine.


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      Re: Jura S9

      Welcome Coffeetime.

      The S9 in my honest opinion is the very  best domestic / office *automatic* espresso machine the world has ever seen.

      I have one in the office that has made 12000 coffees in a 2 year period and only been serviced twice in a minor way, and have sold & rented out countless of them.

      That said you have to understand that auto machines do not  make a coffee that resembles coffee made by the more traditional & "manual" or "conventional" pump driven esp machine methods.

      They always make a mild / mellow brew, & this then translates to a much more "milky" milk coffee.

      There are a few "secrets" to getting a good coffee from an auto machine and the very first secret is to follow the old cliche that with espresso...."LESS IS MORE".  So dont use oversize cups with an auto, you end up with very milky or weak brews. The very best (milk) brews are obtained when you dont use anything larger than a standard 140 ml Italian cappuccino cup.

      That said, the S9 is quite programmable in the grind / dose department and you can fiddle the settings to suit whatever coffee beans you are using.

      I realise you are a newcomer to the machine and therefore the programming will look kind of difficult...but bear with me, its really quite easy (says me that has programmed hundreds of em......).

      Firstly I would say leave the grind setting as it was when you unpacked the machine. What I would do from there, is to programme the dose settings.  

      Suffice to say, dont programme any auto machine / Jura to operate with a minimal or "standard" or "normal" dose of grinds. They work best with a middle sized to large dose with the end result in the cup depending on the relationship between the type of coffee beans in use, dose and grind.

      I cant tell you much more than this or I will be typing all night so please check the instruction booklet or by all means, go back to the vendor & ask them to help you programme it (forget that idea if it came from a department store).

      We always set them up in front of the client with "beans to go" so they dont have to go home & try and work it out themselves...then they only need to go home, plug it in, and make coffee straight up.

      Sorry I cant be any more help on "keyboard" but as stated I would be typing all night. If you cant work it out & want some help, as said ask your vendor or you can if you wish telephone my company during the week & well talk you through. Tomorrow morning wont be good for us....Saturdays always bring us a showroom full of people to talk to and sell machines to!

      One last thing. DO NOT bother trying to set up to achieve the "25 ml in 25 seconds" espresso rules.........that does not work for autos.....they are quick brewers, will not respond to you trying to duplicate this, so dont waste your time.



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        Re: Jura S9

        Thanks for your replies lochness and fresh _coffee.

        Lochness, thanks for the tip. Ill definitely be looking out for fresher coffee as soon as I finish this 1kg pack and hopefully get a better result.
        Im in Melbourne and most places Ive come across sell them in big open baskets so I wonder how fresh they are. So maybe, like you suggested, online is the way to go.
        Only problem is, when the postage costs are added to the cost of the coffee, it can be quite expensive especially if we are only buying small quantities.

        Wow, Fresh_Coffee, 12,000 coffees in two years!!! Mine would only be making about 20 a week so looks like mine wont be needing servicing for a while yet.
        I think I got the hang of the programming part now.
        I took your advice and set the powder quantity to Xstrong and added less frothed milk, then I played around with the water quantity and discovered that the less water I put through, the less bitter and better tastting it was. So now I have water quantity on 40ml instead of 60ml(factory setting).
        The coffee now tastes better but I notice that the water that comes out during the rinse cycle is still quite dark. Does that mean there was still a lot of coffee left in the machine?
        Another side effect Ive discovered, two shots of extra strong coffee from the machine gives me a slight headache!!!!!
        Wonder if using decaf beans would solve that problem.
        cheers and thanks


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          Re: Jura S9

          I am surprised you had any bitter coffee from an auto...thats a problem we dont suffer from as they generally always make a smooth brew ...maybe its a function of the beans supplied with the machine

          OR....we find that when set the DOSE too large, the espresso simply becomes too strong. Perhaps you could back off the dose a little. Yes...I think you have overdone the dose!

          Re dark discolouration will come through on the "rinse cycle". That would be quite normal given there will be more oil residue in the group if you are extracting very strong coffee.

          If you have placed the dose on a maximum setting I am not surprised you get a headache after two coffees. That would be kind of like just having had 4 standard coffees in quick succession.