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Startup equip.. comments/suggestions?

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  • Startup equip.. comments/suggestions?

    Greetings all.

    Have just completed an intro barista course at Allpress sydney I am now looking at getting setup at home. The current plan of action is:

    First Grinder- the Sunbeam EM0480 doesnt seem to be a bad deal
    Then Popper- Any suggestions...? All look kinda similar

    Then when finances permit, a machine to take the place of my flatmates 100 dollar sunbeam. For Some reason im just not getting the same results with it as Allpress La Marzocco...? . But will probably put something up in equipment wanted after the next pay day. Like the Miss Audreys for the price but dont seem to be a lot floating around.

    Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated

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    Re: Startup equip.. comments/suggestions?

    Welcome, Pau. Your course of action is commendable. Many people do things in reverse --- unsuitable machine teamed with even more inferior grinder, supermarket beans and lessons are trial and error.

    But by the time you are adept at roasting and grinding, youll know what coffee machine you should be jumping to and thus hopefully eliminating the costly intermediatery upgrade steps.

    As far as a popper goes, they are all cheap and similar performers. Spend little on one and if it fails, you wont have lost much.

    Youll need a tamper of sorts, some easily gotten for around $25. Scales which will weigh to a gram.

    Use the equipment you have or plan to get --- then think about the machine.

    Hope this is of some use,


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      Re: Startup equip.. comments/suggestions?

      Hi Paul,

      My $0.02; the Iberital Challenge grinder has stepless adjustment and is therefore probably still the best bang for your buck grinder in this price category for espresso. Scoff at the difference that stepless vs stepped makes at your own peril (and $50 in pocket ;P).

      Machine-wise, we can debate the upgrade ad infinitum. Personally, Id probably just stick with the Sunbeam that your flatmate has until you have $600 or so to spend, but thats me.

      Contrary to what most people on this webpage will say, I would recommend against jumping headlong into roasting. When you are a beginner it is imperative to cut out as many variables as possible in order to be able to iron out the creases in your technique. One of these is blend. The last thing that you want to happen is to be wondering, for example, whether your last shot was sour because you under-dosed, because your machine was too cold or because your roast wasnt dark enough. So Id hold off on that for at least a few months ...

      Hope that helps,



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        Re: Startup equip.. comments/suggestions?

        Thanks fellas.
        Re the tamper, im still using the plastic one that came with the sumbeam. BIt reluncant to buy a nice 52??mm one as hopefully my machine (when i get it) will have commercial sized portafilters.
        Yeah, maybe not a bad idea to at least go a couple of weeks with some pre roasted beans until i get the grind right.

        Didnt actually know about the ibertal challenge grinder. I though in my price range it was either a sunbeam or a lux.Cant find them on any of the sponsors web sites... Anyone know a good place to buy them in Sydney (or at least go have a look)?


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          Re: Startup equip.. comments/suggestions?

          Paul- re grinders, have a chat to Attilio at Cosmorex...he has the lux and some other great buys! 8-)



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            Re: Startup equip.. comments/suggestions?

            The Iberital costs just under $300.   It is a very good quality conical burr model, stepless adjustment, low-speed, with an adjustable timer so you can grind just the right qantity straight into the basket on the doserless model.

            See reviews and comments:




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              Re: Startup equip.. comments/suggestions?

              Heres one place online ($245):

              Heres a place in Melb that sells it for an extra $45: re

              They are imported by JM Slade, the Expobar importers, so if you check out their site and drop them a line using their contact form, Im sure that they will be able to point you to retailers in Sydney.