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Pressure gush at pump off (Silvia)

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  • Pressure gush at pump off (Silvia)

    Do other Silvia owners find your espresso pour sometimes finishes with a pressure-boosted gush at the moment the pump switch is flicked off? I think its when the 3-way solenoid (?) does its thing to depressurise the portafilter. Seems to be happening a bit these days. Its annoying because when I decide to cut the pour, I want it cut dead in its tracks. Instead I get a burst of gush first.

    All input welcome.

    - Rob

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    Re: Pressure gush at pump off (Silvia)

    Cant say Ive noticed that phenomenon. Ill keep a particular eye out for it, but Im fairly certain it doesnt happen with my SIlvia.

    The only thing that happens when the brew switch is turned off, of course, is the 3-way solenoid depressurising the portafilter. The noise of that happening is quite marked, but all the action is at the drip tray where the spent water and coffee is emptied into.

    Incidently, do you bleed the build up of steam pressure from the wand before pulling a shot? Maybe that will fix whatever is ailing.



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      Re: Pressure gush at pump off (Silvia)

      Yeah, Robusto. You might be spot on there. Ive been experimenting with hotter shots lately and I havent thought to bleed the steam wand.