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Newbie - Need to buy coffee machine

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  • Newbie - Need to buy coffee machine

    Hi all,

    I am opening a cafe shop in Sydney and need your advice in purchasing a coffee machine.

    The machine I am looking to buy is the

    Brasilia Porto Fino, Opus or the Grandisca. Looking for the two group. What are the advantages of buying manual or automatic. What key features should I be looking for in an espresso machine.

    If anyone knows any distributor in Sydney please comment, also if you have used these equipment pls comment


    New Cafe Owner

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    Re: Newbie - Need to buy coffee machine

    Good morning Chess,

    I am a sponsor of this site and a commercial coffee roaster and espresso machine importer so having mentioned that up front I would not like to say anything that would be considered a conflict of interest OR to be unprofessional in any way. So with regard to answering your questions in a truthful & pragmatic way given my own personal experience of commercial espresso machines of many different types (we service anything we can get parts for):

    a) I am not a fan of the Brasilia espresso machine. Not happy with the way they brew our fresh roast coffee, & there seem to be recurring problems with steam valves long term in these machines as owned by some of our coffee clients.

    b) In this day and age we dont bother importing *manual* (as in "semi-automatic") espresso machines any more except for 1 groupers. All our 2 & 3 group machines are offered in electronic / volumetric (automatic) form only. In terms of the operator, the difference is simply that the electronic offers an autostop cup level. Its more convenient, particularly in a market like ours where there seems to be very little standardisation of operator technique. With an "auto stop cup level, atleast you have one less variable to worry about when employing untrained staff....

    c) key features:

    1) a machine that makes good coffee without fuss;
    2) a machine that does not run overly hot;
    3) a machine that does not compromise quality for price ( eg cheap machines with small capacity...they all look the same size on the outside...but what about performance) eg
    4) a machine that has good capacity for the requirements of the individual situation;
    5) a machine that is readily serviced in your own local area;
    6) a machine that offers all the above by the KISS method of technology.

    Having said all the above, there are many diifferent brand / model machines out there & owned by all manner of individuals, with lots of conflicting opinions!

    Hope to have been helpful.