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Expobar Minore/Brewtus II

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    Re: Expobar Minore/Brewtus II

    Another update on this sad excuse for an espresso Machine
    Turned it on Saturday after a 5 days without turning it on started it up went to sit down and the Machine started to make a noise like a lose muffler hitting the side of the car I turned it off checked everything and restarted it and all was normal? I had it I put to the supplier and to the importer to either replace the machine or give me a refund and I don’t know how it will go but we will see what happens.Realy with the things I read on the web and my personal experience I would only get one of these machines if you enjoy returning it to your supplier to get it fixed
    over and over again and its 5 mths old what happens when it’s out of warranty.... >

    Originally posted by coffee_nuts link=1142837947/0#3 date=1142931866
    I dont want to put you off but I have a Minore I got just before last Xmas and I would not recommended it to any one
    1st problem was after it was on for an hour old and it was leaking after a fair bit of stuffing round 4 days later it was back
    2nd problem sticking brew switch and after it going back to Melbourne importer to fix its problems it came back to me with a new steam wand new digital heat control list of other dough full things that were checked or so they said but the brew switch wasn’t fixed so in the end I fixed it, Very pore finish quality
    Again I would not get one of these machines.....


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      Re: Expobar Minore/Brewtus II

      Wow- it sounds as if you may just have received a lemon ...I guess that can be a risk when you adopt early  :-[...

      That said, CG members have given them very favourable reviews. There machines are chock full of electronics, so there has to be more opportunity for things to go wrong. In addition, they are manufactured to a price-point. I love the Giotto and Diadema machines for their simplicity- they rarely break down and have a great reputation, reliability and build quality.

      Id be hopping mad though and taking it up with Expobar- as well as your supplier (Where is he by the way???....One of the reasons that its worth doing business with CS sponsors   8-))

      Expobar have made a heap of revisions to the new Minore/Brewtus II I still intend to buy one and put it through a thorough bench test at home and at the academy. Stay tuned for the brewtus/giotto shootout...

      Chris (aka 2mcm)


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        Re: Expobar Minore/Brewtus II

        From what Ive read, the Brewtus certainly has much to recommend it, most especially the twin boilers and the electronic, adjustable temperature control.

        But also from what Ive read, the mission statement was to achieve all that at the cheapest possible price. Commendable, but have there been compromises, shortcuts etc in order to achieve that?

        Its at a similar price to the Giotto, but--again, from what Ive read--the mission statement for Giotto was to cut no corners, and infuse a machine with all the best Italian design has to offer, but without bells and whistles.

        It poses a tough choice: a Giotto which is a stunner and one can be confident of its build quality.... or a Brewtus, which does not have the same pedigree but tries to compensate by offering more features.

        Glad I dont have to agonise over that one.