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The Clover... what do CSers think ?

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  • The Clover... what do CSers think ?

    Was wondering what CSers thought about this new on-demand, single-serve coffee brewing machine (and its concept/method).
    Im sure many have already heard of it. I did from listening to recent CG podcast episodes.

    Clever design and process.
    Seems to be a cross between a vac-pot and a plunger, with maybe a hint of Aeropress thrown in for luck.


    How it Works:

    Video in Action:

    An interesting read. A great way for a business to offer a range of SO coffees, ground and brewed at time of customers order.
    Seems to take about the same amount of time as an espresso order.

    Thoughts... musings... ponderings...

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    Re: The Clover... what do CSers think ?

    Interesting, an electronic PID French Press basicly with the grounds on top of the screen for easy removal and quick cycling.

    Java "Arent new toys fun?" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Re: The Clover... what do CSers think ?

      I too have been listening to the podcasts and it seems to be a great improvement in brewing ‘coffee’ as opposed to ‘espresso’. I doubt if we will see it in Australia given the retail café market is almost 100% espresso based.


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        Re: The Clover... what do CSers think ?

        Ive just been reading a bit about Clovers... keen to see one in action.

        Anyone know of one in Sydney?


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          Re: The Clover... what do CSers think ?

          Brother Baba Budan has had one for a few months now. At first the coffees werent really that impressive, but I think that they have started to get the roast and technique down pat. There are a lot of variables to control - roast level, amount of coffee, grind size, steep time, water temperature, etc. It is sort of like espresso in that respect, except that it is immersion brewing, so the brew time is decoupled from the dose and grind.

          The good cups of clover coffee that I have had have been about on par with a good vac pot/syphon brew. But, of course, its relatively easy to brew and clean up! (Though a "blank" does need to be run between each brew) It is also very interesting how the coffee changes as it cools, just as it does when you are cupping. At BBB, their current Kenyan and Tanzanian coffees and their Bin 549 have been the stand outs for me. Definitely worth trying out if you get the opportunity.

          I have heard that Allpress have a Clover in Sydney, but I dont know if they have it down pat.




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            Re: The Clover... what do CSers think ?

            I have had a few Clover coffees at BBB, the PNG and the Tanzanian and i found them to be pretty interesting to my palate anyway. Definitely worth a try.