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  • On or off?

    Hey all, quick question

    Is it better to leave your coffee machine on 24/7 rather than turning it on and off when you want to use it?.
    Id prefer to do this rather than get up and have to wait till I can have my first coffee.



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    Re: On or off?

    This has been discussed quite a bit before.
    The consensus seems to be that leaving it on 24/7 is not the best thing for the machine.
    Seals can become brittle faster and in some cases, it could cause an issue like boiling dry.

    What many people have advised, and what I subscribe to, is investing in a 24 hour timer and having a few auto on/off periods. You can always override it, but its useful for the morning coffee when you can set it to come on 30 minutes before you normally rise.

    I always try to leave the clean portafilter locked in place at night. That way, when the morning warmup happens, the portafilter is included. Then it is just a case of grind, dose, tamp, flush, lock and go.

    Hmm... might go and have one now.



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      Re: On or off?

      Dont know what type of machine you have, but the answer as far as I am concerned is OFF.

      Domestic machines take no time at all to come up to temp so, no advantage in leaving on. If you leave on all the time you go to the opposite extreme, which is to basically overheat it and have to cool it to get your coffee....6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

      Small (semi) commercial machines mostly employ the smaller type pressurestats to regulate their operating pressure, these have a much shorter service life than those fitted to their larger full commercial cousins, so leaving on all the time means inconvenience & spend money on service sooner than if you turn on just before you wish to use.

      Regular commercial machines are usually plumbed in. If youre going to leave on you have to leave the water connection turned on, and you dont know when the (usually) flexible inlet water pipe is going to fail. Might not fail for 20 years, but could fail tomorrow. Thats a gamble. If it fails when youre asleep or not home, goodbye all floor coverings, crack furniture with wooden legs, upset neighbouts when water goes next door, down stairs, etc etc etc. Not worth the risk.

      All components have a designed in service life, if you leave on all the time you reach the end of it sooner even though you dont get the benefit (eg leave on all the time but only make 2 cups of coffee in the morning and another two in the arvo, get few total cups of coffee in use but get inconvenienced & spend money on service sooner).

      So from my experience, the answer is OFF.



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        Re: On or off?

        Id agree with all of the above- Ive got the Botticelli (large single boiler) on a 24hr timer- Comes on weekdays at 630 am for 730 coffee and 3pm for 430 coffee. The Bezzera (commercial) gets turned on for 11am coffee on Saturday and Sunday and off at 8pm at night.
        Its a good system for us.