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Silvias steam valve

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  • Silvias steam valve

    Havent posted for a while, but still enjoying reading the banter that you put up!

    Has anyone had issues/concerns re the steam valve on Silvia?  ie whenever I steam and shut off the valve, invariably it would require a re-tighten later after she has cooled off.  Is this normal?

    Also, should the steam valve be easy to turn ie like the top of a jar, or should it be a little scratchy like a worn tap?  (My silvia is about 12 months old)

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    Re: Silvias steam valve

    I have a similar issue with my Silvia.
    About 2 months ago whilst replacing the steam wand (cos I scratched the original) I had the lid off. I noticed a little piece on the inside of the steam valve assembly that looked to have slipped a little. I slid it back into place. Seemed to help at the time.

    It still does not always close 100% (I often have to give it an extra tweak) , but it seems better than it was.

    With regard to its turning, I never have to use much force to turn it on or off, but it does sound somewhat squeaky. Mine is about 2 years old.


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      Re: Silvias steam valve

      Yep, mine drips a bit. This is reputed to be a common problem and, AFAIK is because the compression valve can be over-tightened, which eventually destroys the valve seat. There are some good photos here.




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        Re: Silvias steam valve

        Hey Luca and fellow Coffeesnobs

        The solution to your leaky Silvia problem lies in this post: d&rnum=1#697dc0340993a0e5

        Apparently, one shouldnt overtighten and rebuilding the steam wand is part of the ongoing maintenance of a Silvia. Rancilio seems to rely on compression valves which tend to leak, rather than non-compression type as found on Quickmill Andrejas etc.

        Hope this helps.