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    Hi there,

    Just wondering what you CSers think of an upgrade to something like an oldish La Pavoni Pub. If I could pick one up for a few hundred dollars would that be a good deal (I know I would need to overhaul, replace seals etc...)

    It would be intended for home use only, couple of shots a day generally, but more when friends come round. I understand it has a big boiler, so would it be normal to be on all day as the warm up time would be long ?

    The other option Im considering is a Silvia.


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    Re: La Pavoni Pub

    The Pub is a great machine. Its not too big and the 5l boiler means heaps of steam. Sure youll need at least a half hour warm up, but you can leave this machine on all day. Its not even too expensive if you insulate the boiler. Youll have to plumb this machine in though. You can run it off an external tank and use a bucket for a drain if necessary.

    A few hundred dollars is way cheap for this machine. However beware, there may be more wrong with it than just a seal replacement. For example the pump may need replacing (worth about $200), it may need a complete break down, clean, descale etc. The valves might not be working ($80 each)... Under virtually all circumstances this machine can be repaired and restored if necessary, but its a tradeoff between time and effort (and you ability to do this). Getting someone to do it for you could be very expensive (in the $1k range at worst). So as I said, beware. Of course you can just sell it on ebay if its not working. People will still buy it, even if it need repairing.

    Otherwise this is in a different class to Silvia.