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Brasilia Lady Pressure Adjustment

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  • Brasilia Lady Pressure Adjustment

    Gday all.
    Im about to check and then maybe modify the pressure of my Lady and was wondering if anyone has any info on the procedure. Im going in blind as it is and any info could really help. Ive been looking for the pressure/flow curve for the pump but cant find it anywhere, anyone got any ideas?

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    Re: Brasilia Lady Pressure Adjustment

    Hi Rob. The following info is from Mathias of a European coffee forum. He is not registered on CS and I am, so he asked me to pass the message on:

    "There is no OVP on the Brasilia Lady/Club. One either has to add one or use electronics to control the pump.

    I will use electronics as it seems very simple to do with vibe pumps. All one needs is a light dimmer to lower the voltage. Use a portafiltre pressure gauge to set a fix pressure or calibrate a scale and add to the control knob of the dimmer to be able to change the pressure on the fly. "

    I hope that helps. Mathias has given me his direct email address in case you wish to speak further. I will PM that to you  


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      Re: Brasilia Lady Pressure Adjustment

      Thanks cakeboy, sounds like a fun project. Ill get onto that today.