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Does Miss Silvia like Nemox Lux?

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  • Does Miss Silvia like Nemox Lux?

    So I started getting back into this whole coffee thing back in June when I was given a Sunbeam Cafe Ristretto for my birthday. Sure, its not the greatest machine on the market, but once I invested in a good tamper and a Nemox Lux grinder, the quality of my shots went up exponentially.

    The only problem is, the sunbeam has sprung a major leak and when I get home of an afternoon from work the bench is covered in water. I think I may have hurt it when I was trying to get my grinder worked out, but I cant remember any specific incident that might have caused the leak to start. Maybe I shouldnt be pulling a half dozen or so shots per day from such a cheap machine... Anyway, Im not about to go down the repair path for a $99 machine even if it is under warranty, especially considering some of the repair times Ive seen reported around the web for the EM6900!

    This is all leading towards me upgrading a little quicker than I would have liked, but the timing is good as I am expecting a bit of extra cash in the next few weeks. So, Im thinking that a Silvia is certainly in my price range, but from some of the reading Ive done here and elsewhere on the interweb, I believe that Miss Silvia can be a little temperamental about the grinder you pair with her. So, does anyone know if the Nemox Lux I have will cut it with Miss Silvia, or will she sulk in the corner?

    I can afford a full upgrade to a Rocky & Silvia pack but would rather not spend the money if I can help it. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Does Miss Silvia like Nemox Lux?

    A friend had the silvia and lux together- worked very well, but not quite as good as silvia with my cunill el tranquillo- only subtle difference though
    Youd be fine


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      Re: Does Miss Silvia like Nemox Lux?

      I doubt that the lux will be adequate; sometimes I want to be between steps with my Rocky ... that said, I wouldnt have thought that it would be adequate for the sunbeam ristretto either. The only real problem is the stepped adjustment, though, and I think that Kaanage posted a microstep adjuster that he made, so you might be able to hotrod it up to spec. If not, the Iberital Challenge has a stepless adjustment knob and is a fair bit cheaper than the Rocky ... but Id expect that the Rocky would out-live both the Iberital and the Lux.




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        Re: Does Miss Silvia like Nemox Lux?

        Originally posted by luca link=1160036419/0#2 date=1160041977
        but Id expect that the Rocky would out-live both the Iberital and the Lux.
        thats something ill happily pay that bit more for.