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Which Superauto for the office?

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  • Which Superauto for the office?

    Hi all.

    I have been asked to recommend a superauto coffee machine for the office (we need 2 units with a budget of around $2k each).

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction please? We are looking at buying outright or even renting/leasing with a maintenance contract as well. Perhaps members here or sponsors may be able to assist? I imagine it will be used approx 20-30 cups a day. Coffeepods will also be considered.

    BTW, we are looking at getting the machine by the end of this week (14-Oct).

    Many thanks

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    Re: Which Superauto for the office?

    Hello Roger,

    the most reliable autos with bets service are the Swiss JURA machines.

    Recommend at least an "S9", which is the smallest of their dedicated "office coffee" machines.

    My own business has one of these in the showroom , on every day for staff & clients.

    Did I say they are RELIABLE.........alsmost all other brands / models have either, a comprehensive history of UNreliability OR, no history as most are all johnnycomelatelies who have only recently jumped on the bandwagon. One of the best lessons I have learned after years of importing / selling / servicing (since the early 90) so called super autos, is not to trust any autos until they have been around loing enough to show whatbvkind of reliability they will give.

    Jura are available from my company, or another sponsor here, or, presumably from a local reseller in your area OR from some department stores......... BUT please note when buying from a department store, you get no service and very often, blatantly incorrect information......we set up the machine for the client before he takes it away and spend time with the client showing how to properly operate & run etc, then are available for after sales service. Dept stores know nothing about that, and when you need after sales service, they refer you to an independent repair agent. They are only there to take your money at the onset ands give you an unopened, not set up box.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: Which Superauto for the office?

      Hi FC

      You have PM.