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  • My machine/grinder combo

    Gday everyone.

    Noob here just losing my Coffee Snobs post virginity.

    Ive been interested in good coffee since i borrowed an espresso machine about a year ago. Its still the one i use now (havent asked for it back yet!!)

    Looking around here its a pretty poor comparison, but im using a Breville Cafe Roma and anything i can find to grind my own beans.
    I had a magic bullet that i was using to grind, but that broke. Im in the market for a new grinder because my mortar and pestle takes too long

    Unfortunately being a uni student i cant just go out and spend up big on awesome coffee gear. However I believe that if ive been pulling average shots on this machine, and grinding my own beans its better than nothing.



    ps. my name is simply my favourite coffee (cant believe noone had it!!)

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    Re: My machine/grinder combo

    Gday PiccoloLatte and welcome to CoffeeSnobs.
    Dont worry about what sort of gear youre using, were only snobby about the end result, not how you achieve it  .
    What sort of budget do you have for a grinder?
    You can get a grinder that will do the job for around $100. You then go onwards and upwards in dollar value and quality.
    The grinder you were using prior to it breaking is in the blade grinder variety. These arent suited to espresso machines as it is very difficult to get a repeatable grind size with these things.
    Let us know how much $$$ you have to play with, and someone here will certainly help you to spend it  ;D.
    All the best.


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      Re: My machine/grinder combo

      Welcome aboard Piccolo, I am sure you will enjoy the forum and fellow coffee snobs. Doesnt really matter what gear you have as long as you enjoy it. I am partial to the occassional Piccolo Latte myself.
      So do you have some dream machines in mind at this stage?



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        Re: My machine/grinder combo

        Welcome PL.

        Dont you know anyone else that could lend you a grinder?


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          Re: My machine/grinder combo

          Or get a good grinder secondhand.

          I was impressed with the renovation rescue done on the Rancilio grinder bought at auction by Clinto for an all up price of 220 bucks. Sure its a commercial size machine but it can give a coffee snob ideas!

          I recommend having a look in the for sale section of this forum, Piccolo and see if you might find some preloved Coffee Snob stuff. And if the gear I personally have bought from here is any indication, then Coffee Snobs do really love their gear and look after it!

          And, yes, amusing that no one had thought to have Piccolo Latte as a name. But consider too, that most here do prefer to drink espresso, rather than milk based drinks! Even little ones! :P


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            Re: My machine/grinder combo

            Scoota Gal,
            But consider too, that most here do prefer to drink espresso, rather than milk based drinks!
            It looks like most drink Lattes [smiley=evil.gif]


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              Re: My machine/grinder combo

              Most also dont log in but once a month at least.

              If the milk is done right, I dont mind a coffee-flavoured beverage from time to time.


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                Re: My machine/grinder combo

                Yes, Clintos rescue of that grinder was amazing.

                There are a few places that come across 2nd hand grinders regularly.
                In which state do you reside Piccolo?


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                  Re: My machine/grinder combo

                  A 2nd hand grinder will probably be the cheapest way to revitalise your current machine as you should notice an increase in performance once you are able to produce a grind that is consistent, and matched (in a way) to that machine.

                  If you want something new, ive heard the little sunbeam 0480s arnt too bad and you an get them for between 150-180 if you look around.

                  That said, i just paid towards the lower end of that for my 2nd hand Cimbali Cadet, so if youre prepared to be patient and look around places like the F/S part of this site, trading post, ebay, or even trawl local cafes/bakerys/restaurants etc to find one looking to upgrade their gear you can find some really quality equipment at similar prices to new lower-end stuff.

                  Patience really is the key is the invaluable input and help from the guys on these forums who know what theyre talking about (i.e....not me). I started looking in about June and it took me until this week to finally complete my grinder/machine package, but given that i ended up with a 2-grp La San Marco and Cimbali Cadet for a total cost of $463 id say the wait was worth it. (fingers crossed) hehe.

                  But if you arnt really keen on the risks of buying used gear, or cant be bothered fixing anything that goes wrong with them, then my suggestion is probably a waste of time. You really have to be prepared to replace things like o-rings, gaskets, washers etc (may not be necessary, but if youre prepared...well...youll be prepared). If youre interested Javaphile posted a very helpful guide to inspecting 2nd hand machines in a thread i posted that id be happy to try and track down for you.

                  But either way, Since you have a machine already, you should probably get the grinder first and decide if you want to take it further.


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                    Re: My machine/grinder combo

                    Thanks for all your comments guys.

                    Ive done the nasty on you all and bought a cheap blade type grinder to get me through the next few months

                    At the moment my budget is about as limited as it can get (Uni Student living in my own place).

                    So it will be a while til i can afford some decent gear i think. But for now im happy grinding and making some half decent drinks. When i get a chance i will post up some pics for everyone to see.

                    Scoota gal
                    And, yes, amusing that no one had thought to have Piccolo Latte as a name. But consider too, that most here do prefer to drink espresso, rather than milk based drinks!
                    Ahhh. I too am partial to the sweet black liquor that is the espresso. However first thing in the morning i generally prefer something a bit sweeter (no sugar, just the milk). Plus, the milk hides my bad sots when friends come over.

                    I will keep my eyes on the for-sale section, and my bank balance, and when the two fall into alignment ill see what i can do.

                    Thanks again,


                    ps. Im in NSW for those who asked