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  • Krups Quality??

    Hi Everyone,
    im new to this site, and were going to "invest" in an automatic espresso machine. Weve been looking at many models, and have found that the Krups XP7240 to be a nice looking compact machine, at an affordable price. The sales assistant mentioned something about Krups being middle of the road quality, and sort of sits on the sideline, and doesnt really contribute much to the coffee scene, and therefore has questionable quality issues.
    Can anyone please advise on their knowledge of Krups, and if its a good machine or not. The one weve found, is one of the few on the market under $2k that has a fully automatic Latte or Cappucino function (for when im feeling REALLY lazy!!)
    thanks everyone,


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    Re: Krups Quality??

    Hi CJ and welcome to coffeesnobs,
    You can do an awful lot better than Krups.I think middle of the road is a gross generalisation. You will possibly (probably) be offered lots of suggestions, so here are my two- stay away from Krups and contact one of the sponsors- di Bartoli for sydney, Cosmorex for canberra, Talk Coffee for melbourne- you can get suggestions at your budget and actually get to play. Just as you wouldnt buy a car from a department store, so you wouldnt buy a coffee machine from one either (unfortunately many of us have).
    All the best
    ps automatic means poor coffee in reality.


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      Re: Krups Quality??

      Originally posted by telemaster link=1166644274/0#1 date=1166644807
      Hi CJ and welcome to coffeesnobs,
      You can do an awful lot better than Krups.I think middle of the road is a gross generalisation. You will possibly (probably) be offered lots of suggestions, so here are my two- stay away from Krups and contact one of the sponsors- di Bartoli for sydney, Cosmorex for canberra, Talk Coffee for Melbourne- you can get suggestions at your budget and actually get to play. Just as you wouldnt buy a car from a department store, so you wouldnt buy a coffee machine from one either (unfortunately many of us have).
      All the best
      ps automatic means poor coffee in reality.
      Hi CJ, with all due respect, might I suggest that if you want push button coffee, the best option is to get a really good barista in a cafe to do it for you....You need only to look at the pages of that auction site to see a big heap of super-auto 1-2k heartbreak for sale....The reason?...They make crap coffee and are a waste of money....but no salesperson in Hardly Normal or similar establishments is gonna tell you the truth...not that theyd have an idea anyway.... :


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        Re: Krups Quality??

        Hi mate,

        I was in your shoes looking for an all you can eat automatic, then researched and bought a Silvia and Iberital grinder.
        No flashing lights for sure, but heaps of fun making a descent coffee!
        With your budget, maybe go a little bit more and get an ECM Giotto? or Expobar? you wont regret it and you wont end up flogging it (until you get the dreaded upgraditis") and they look the schiznit in your kitchen, no plasticky bling bling.

        good luck


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          Re: Krups Quality??

          To make an analogy (an I hope this doesnt sound cruel because its not supposed to be...), posting on a coffee lovers forum about a superauto is like asking a group of F1 engineers whether you should enter next season with a Hyundai Grandeur. I mean, surely because its got aircon and leather and a CD player, it must be a better car, right?

          I think it would be a fair guess to say that the reason you (and others) want a superauto is that you have no understanding of the process of making espresso coffee drinks, and therefore assume that the process is either hard to learn or hard to do - or maybe all the new terminology is completely confusing - and you think that an auto machine will bypass that pain...

          Im not going to say its easy, but if youre a geeky type (and the fact youre posting on a forum pretty much qualifies you), its certainly not a hard learning process. Sure, it does take a little more effort on your behalf (eg attending a training course, or reading websites for a few hours, and practising technique), but there are big rewards in gaining a better understainding of the process involved in getting a result in the cup.

          And once you understand that process better, youll understand why its next to impossible for a superauto machine to control that process well.

          Which then gets us to the suggestions that others have made above, namely that a humble semi-auto (ie electric pump) machine, and a good grinder, together with a little effort and understanding, will produce far better results than almost any superauto ever could.

          Enjoying a cup of coffee is an indulgence, something to be savoured. Enjoying not only the result, but also the journey there, I think gives you a much greater pleasure and satisfaction as you sit down to enjoy your brew.

          Well, enough from me. All the best on your caffeinated journey.


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            Re: Krups Quality??

            Anyone have any comments on these??


            Bosch do make great products... their Dishwashers have a lifetime warrantee...

            Actually Matt King, you have a Bosch HG... I assume thats a good unit?


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              Re: Krups Quality??

              Dont like to sound like a cracked record, but this like a lot of things is "horses for courses". Agreed; as far as coffee quality goes you could do far better with a semi-auto machine + grinder; as far as value for money goes, you could do a lot better with a semi-auto machine + grinder. But:

              1) if you dont particularly care about the quality of the coffee
              2) if you dont particularly care about the value for money side of things
              3) if you just want something that makes you something that generally tastes like coffee with no effort on your part, and
              4) you dont think youll ever want to take things beyond those three points

              then a fully-automatic machine may be right for you.

              Exactly which fully automatic is another question. Id agree with most that Krups arent known for their quality. Id refer you to Alan Frews article where he discusses fully-automatic machines and his associated recommendations. Krups are not in that list, and nor are the prices of the ones he recommends but it should provide you something to start looking with, and youd have to investigate the automatic milk frothing function you seem to be keen on. Thats all just his opinion of course and some here will probably disagree, but if youve read through everyones comments above and still think a fully automatic is what you want, then Im sure his recommendations on which models are worse than others will be of value.



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                Re: Krups Quality??

                The HG has done about 5 roasts so far, so no long term news. But I did buy it partly for the brand name... It was a tossup between that one and a more fancy GMC unit that had adjustable temperature and an LED temp display. The Bosch has two speeds and thats it...

                I figured that for the same price, the Bosch presumably put their money into better internal engineering and reliability, and given the demanding use that roasting causes, I thought that would be more useful.

                Of course it might be redundant because Im moving overseas in Feb...

                /thread hijack.


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                  Re: Krups Quality??

                  I know somebody who had an automatic and his biggest problems was that it broke down all the time and it was a real pain to clean. So if you get an automatic, Id check how hard it is to clean and reliability issues.

                  Or as other people have said if you want great coffee it would be better to look into semi-auto machines instead.


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                    Re: Krups Quality??

                    I bought the GMC unit after my Ryobi died on the 3rd roast... done about 6kg of beans with it so far... at about 650g a batch (roasted 500g approx)... no problems seen yet...

                    OK... back on topic.. sorry guys...


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                      Re: Krups Quality??

                      Oh, and I have seen a Delonghi Auto in action - big no no for me as a snob... coffee always under extracted.. for me anyway... but the owners are happy with it which is the main thing... I did my best to get the best out of it (With my roasted beans)... was OK in the end but really is not acceptable as a espresso drink in my honest opinion...

                      I see that Alan Frew has a few good things to say about the Sunbeam Auto..

                      I have always been with the understanding that Jura would be the better Auto.... but have never seen them in Action... Site Sponsor
                      Would be who Id talk with about this....

                      Some people while passionate about coffee can just have such busy lives that an Auto will only work for them... but I feel that also comes at a cost financially and in the cup...


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                        Re: Krups Quality??

                        The big thing with superautos (assumming they can actually do a good job to begin with) is that unless they are in constant use youre using stale beans. Beans sitting in their hoppers very quickly go stale due to the heat they are exposed too. If you only make a few cups a day no matter how good the machine is you will end up with a mediocre cup at best.

                        Superautos require constant non-stop adjustments to produce a great shot just as a regular espresso machine does. People think its just push a button and out comes a perfect espresso every time. Such is not the case unless you are constantly fiddling with their settings.

                        Ive had the (?)pleasure(?) of having a Cimbali M52 (retail price of $USD25,000), arguably the best superauto in the world, in the house to play with for the last year. This machine will produce 120 drinks an hour with each drink up to a quad shot in size. It will do them with dead on consistancy with every drink being identically prepared. However, unless you properly dial in the machine they will all be consistantly mediocre at best. The M52 is capable of producing a great cup, but only with exquisite attention to detail and constant adjustments through-out the day. And then only if they are in constant use so the beans in them dont go stale before being brewed.

                        When using a superauto in a home type setting where only an occassional drink is made through-out the day in order to get a great cup out of them youll either have to waste a lot of beans or youll have to weigh up the beans for each cup and then dump them into the hopper and run the brewing cycle, adjusting the weight to achieve a perfect extraction.

                        Another aspect of superautos that many dont take into consideration when looking at buying one is the additional expense and time required for their daily cleaning cycles of both the espresso and milk sides of the machine. These require specialty chemicals which are not the cheapest things around in addition to your time to perform the cleanings every day.

                        For low volume/home use with the money a good quality superauto would cost a Coffee Snob would be better off spending that money on a good prosumer or single group HX machine and grinder.

                        Java "Such is my opinion anyways" phile
                        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                          Re: Krups Quality??

                          Good post Java... very well explained...


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                            Re: Krups Quality??

                            When I first thought about getting a "Coffee Machine", I looked at Delonghis, Juras, Krupps and a few others all in the SuperAuto style. Being uneducated in how to make an espresso from a "proper" machine I didnt really look at the semi-autos such as the Gaggias and the like. I discovered a friend had a Sunbeam Cafe Crema that they were not using and asked if I could borrow it. After 2 weeks of using it I had my own and now have a bigger Sunbeam (An Expobar or similiar is still in the future). It only takes me a few minutes to make 2 Flat whites, about the same time as boiling the kettle but a heap load more fun. The coffee tastes so much better than the samples from SupAutos that Ive been given.

                            With a 2K budget go for something other than a superauto and considering krupps are turning up in $2 shops suggests that the company really isnt interested in the coffee produced.


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                              Re: Krups Quality??

                              Welcome caffiene Junky.

                              You yourself put the word "invest" in quote marks.
                              That always suggests questionable.

                              Also you mentioned the Krups "has questionable quality issues" as told to you by a salesperson.
                              Either they want to sell you a more expensive machine or their conscience wont let them not tell you the truth.

                              Your decision should be based on your requirements.
                              Write down as many as you can think of and prioritise them.
                              - What you want regarding coffee quality.
                              - Budget.
                              - Ease of use.
                              - Looks.
                              - Size.
                              - etc

                              Then check off the machines you research to your list for the best match.