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considering Presso, or a <$300 machine?

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  • considering Presso, or a <$300 machine?

    Hi all, my first post, longtime lurker first time poster.

    Newbie Background
    I started over a year ago with a small electric hotplate at my work desk and a percolator, one large (for office morning teas), one medium (for my soup bowl sized mug). I have a sweet-tooth immature pallette and cant really taste a "good" or "bad" and being cheap and tasteless I use the cheapest pre-ground 250g vac packs available from the supermarket. I am far from the coffee snob standards held here! I love the steam noise finish to the percolator, and its more than just the result drink that makes it a habit for me.

    Im looking for a home espresso maker also to be used by the gf. Her work seems to have a cheap Breville 3.5bar kind of unit, she has figured it out and likes the result. Despite my relative lack of coffee standards, I just cant bring myself to just pay $60-70 for one of those though. I blame this forum!

    Looking for in a new machine
    The Presso is on my list as it will give an espresso so quickly and easily. I want an individual steamer for milk froth, my manager has one of the old Kambrook "Mr. Cappucino" units that creates steam he may sell me.

    Id like to consider the Presso against a $300 machine, simple/rhobust/reliable, that does 1 or 2 cups, and has a decent steamer (Id like to play with lattes)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: considering Presso, or a &lt;$300 machine?

    Hi Stoveboy, Im interested in the presso as well.

    Im sure there must be some reviews of the Presso on our site. One of the non-greenies will hopefully enlighten us.

    How good is the crema? What about length of pour (speed of pressing down the arms?) -- does that matter? In other words, what input into the end result can the barista have?

    Mmmmm, I wonder. :-?

    Gotta admit, though, dang good looking object. Might just buy it to look at it.


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      Re: considering Presso, or a &lt;$300 machine?

      I have reviews of the presso on my blog if you want to catch it there (address below in my sig line Cafe grendel")


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        Re: considering Presso, or a &lt;$300 machine?

        Gday Mean Bean,

        Ive just PMed you.

        I think most will agree; next to the Gaggia Evolution the PRESSO will cause some frustration. For a start, shots come out of it. There are no bells or whistles, its just you, you forearms and the bean(well the water as well, oh and the dose, Tamp and Grind).

        Having said that, I know it is the best Portable Powerless Espresso on the market.

        We took ours out bush during the recent break, you can crank out shots as long as your arms can take it.


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          Re: considering Presso, or a &lt;$300 machine?

          This guy was a return customer!


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            Re: considering Presso, or a &lt;$300 machine?

            OOh nice goanna! Makes our resident 1ft long Blue tongue look like a miniature.

            And yes the cats are terrified of him/her


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              Re: considering Presso, or a &lt;$300 machine?

              Thats a beauty!

              Our resident blue tongue disappeared before the summer, since then the red back numbers have sky rocketed.

              The goanna was an old fellow, very persistent, wouldnt be drawn away from the site with anything but fresh eggs in a trail 5-6m apart.


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                Re: considering Presso, or a &lt;$300 machine?

                Everytime I see a goanna I think of a funny home video of a goanna that was lured into a tent with a sausage, the tents resident snoring away and then lots of yelling and screaming and the tent shaking and moving about quite a bit and the guy who was sleeping running out. I still laugh my head off when I think about it.

                And it happened to win the funniest home video of the year.


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                  The Presso has landed!

                  The Eagle Presso has landed!

                  I was probably as thrilled as this girl to receive it:

                  I ran the hot water through the equipment in a dummy-pull before loading the coffee.
                  I ran through it with the gf who I allowed to kick it all off with the inaugural Presso-pull.
                  We recapped and she really appreciated how easy it all is!

                  The Presso worked flawlessly, I made a Latte using the included plunger. It didnt help the actual coffee - she still hates that it is cheapest of the cheap (Delta Chicco Doro).
                  It tasted to me the same as the cafe machine one I had this morning at Wooz and Suez over breakfast in Walpole. The gf disagrees and said theirs was much better, but I think shes just sticking to her argument so I will buy some coffee that isnt 1c/gram. Shes boycotted the Presso until I get the beans! At least one of us has some sort of respect for such a great piece of art and machinery

                  So tomorrow Ill get a sunbeam EM0450/0480 grinder and some beans.

                  I havent even unleashed the work one yet, so it will be fanfare amongst the office tomorrow. Free shots for the folks using up my cheapass coffee it looks like!

                  In conclusion on the home Presso, looks great in the kitchen, we love how simple it is, and it will get good use on the days the gf has 12hr shifts!