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Caffettiera stove top espresso

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  • Caffettiera stove top espresso

    Hi all,
    Bean a while since my last post started studying again after a long break.

    Just brought a stove top espresso machine to take camping ( wife refuses to let me take silvia with us) and would like some advice on using it.

    Any suggestions for grind settings I have a rocky and silvia should i use a grind setting similar to that which i use for the silvia?

    There were no instructions supplied with the unit so unsure of how to use it but probably will work it out.

    Any help much appreciated


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    Re: Caffettiera stove top espresso

    Matt, youre in luck; there are currently two threads on the topic:

    Also, make sure to check out the brewing guides at stumptown.

    A caffettiera will not make espresso, but you can get a rich, concentrated brew that actually expresses the nuances of the beans that you are using. Screw up, though, and you get an ashtray!




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      Re: Caffettiera stove top espresso

      That stumptown method looks very interesting. We had been using one
      for camping for years (took the Mondiale once, but dont often get away with it ). Had evolved a technique of heating slowly and removing
      soon after first "gurgle", then allowing flow to finish. But this still
      gave a "burnt" taste, so switched to plunger.

      Will try this method to see how much it reduces that effect.