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Easy & Cheap Porta Filter extender

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  • Easy & Cheap Porta Filter extender

    Sick of the mess with my doserless EM0480, I went looking for yoghurt containers to cut down, then I spied these containers in the $2 shop.
    Once cut down they are an exact fit in a 58mm porta filter [ie they clip in nicely] and I personally found them more asetheticly pleasing.

    Simply drop into the PF prior to dosing, and it will allow a half dose, tap to compress, finish dose & WDT with minimal spillage.
    Then simply remove it to complete the tamp.

    It worked a treat with the Sunbeam.

    Best of all, it costs .75c. [actually you get two containers with lids from the $2 shop for $1.50]

    Following is a photograph of the container, lid and the cut down extender...

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    Re: Easy & Cheap Porta Filter extender

    Here is the completed extender, sitting nicely [Im sure youll agree] in the porter filter


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      Re: Easy & Cheap Porta Filter extender

      when i used my sunbeam, i used a cut out yoghurt cup to do the same thing.... (the sticky black rice dessert container from macro wholefoods fits a treat, and is made from thicker plastic, so lasts).
      same idea though, but it is a bit longer. the upside of it was that the container covered the whole spout, so i could rest it on it, and leave the portafilter while i got the milk etc... not so much a problem with the naked one, but made a good balace for the spouts....


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        Re: Easy & Cheap Porta Filter extender

        yep, i use a cut down yoghurt container in my PF to "mess less"...
        works great!