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  • stuck basket

    hi all

    I have a bit of a problem with my La cimbali domus, probably due to lack of maintainence by the previous owner, the hard to get a proper replacement basket is stuck fast

    anyone have any ideas on how I can persuade it to come loose? it has a slot in the PF to help lever it out but this is just damaging the lip of the basket, I thought about using a punch through the spouts but that is a last resort as I think it will be easy to damage

    ive tried soaking in the coffee parts machine cleaner but only for a few hours, perhaps I need longer?

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    Re: stuck basket

    Soaking it overnight in hot cleaner is a start to dissolve any gum thats probably hindering things, give it a swirl every now and then. Two screwdrivers next to each other will add more force across a greater area so the basket should escape too much damage. Otherwise try removing the PF spouts and push something round in there like the round end of a pencil or one with an eraser attached or something, at the same time as levering the basket up with a screwdriver.