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  • Scales

    Hi Everyone

    I am looking to get a set of scales for measuring bag weights 250g, 1kg, and also green coffee for blending, so I would need a range up to 5kg maybe?

    Does anyone have any recommendations?


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    Re: Scales

    We have a set of Philips HR2385 scales. 5kg in 1g increments.
    Weve found them to be very useful for our needs.
    I think they were around $50 from memory. Not sure if they even make this model or equivalent now.

    There seem to be a few different types around with the 5kg capacity. Perhaps one of the big homewares stores or department stores might have a few to look at and compare.

    There seem to be a number of this style around too on various web/auction sites for ~$20


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      Re: Scales

      My kids bought me scales for Christmas.
      They look identical to yours fatboy but were possibly a different brand.
      Obviously made in the same Chinese(?) factory and put in different boxes for different suppliers.

      They have been great to use pre and post roast.

      Ive even used them once to check on the wait of beans in my double basket.

      I think the kids found them in a Danoz shop.


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        Re: Scales

        The pic above is not what we have, just what is around at present. Plenty of sites like danoz, direct deals etc. have them.

        They certainly become very useful little things!


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          Re: Scales

          Gday aedion,

          Personally, Id go for something like this, or this (if you need a more rugged build). They carry a great warranty and can be bought in Oz for around $35 or so for the first one and about $10-15 more for the second. Ive got one of the former items and it performs great,