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Where can i get the following Sunbeam Stuff?

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  • Where can i get the following Sunbeam Stuff?

    Hi guys. thanks heaps for the replies in my previous threads.

    I am looking forward to getting the following gear:

    1) a sunbeam EM0480 grinder.
    2) an unpressured 51mm(? or 52) filter basket for my Sunbeam Cafe Crema
    3) a proper 51mm(52?) tamper (quite hard to find as most tampers are 58mm... and, the pullman custom made tampers are too pricey)
    4) a milk thermometer

    Would the above be suitable for use with the Sunbeam Cafe Crema? I dont quite know where to find an appropriate sized filter basket..

    Plan to get the EM0480 from The Good Guys at Dandenong.

    Where should i source the rest of the equipment?

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    Re: Where can i get the following?

    Hi ezralimm,

    Im currently using pretty much the same setup as that; with freshly roasted beans and the unpressurised filter basket it can turn out a very acceptable brew!

    #2 you can get from Krups service agents (see attachment).
    #3 & 4 you could buy from Coffee Parts (link in the sponsors section on the left) - note though that the smallest standard tamper size is 53mm. Sunbeam do make a barista kit which includes a tamper and milk thermometer but the quality is nothing like what youll get elsewhere.

    Good luck!



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      Re: Where can i get the following?


      Which filter basket should i get from them? Is there a particular model that is suitable for the cafe crema?

      Btw, i dont think the 53mm tamper would fit the basket on the cafe crema (i measured it crudely with a ruler). What tamper are you using?


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        Re: Where can i get the following?

        The standard Krups double filter basket - part #0907163 - seems to fit most/all lower end (sunbeam, breville etc) machines.

        I received the Sunbeam barista kit with the machine I purchased, so Ive been using the included tamper (which fits the baskets on my old machine, but not the one it came with - go figure!). Its not a great fit, but still an improvement over the included plastic tamper/scoop.


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          Re: Where can i get the following?

          Ezra, the sunbeam grinders comes in two models.

          The EM0450 and the EM0480. Both have identical burrs.

          The only thing different is one has plastic exteriors(0450) and the other is brushed stainless steel.

          Price difference is approx $50.

          Just thought you might like to know this...


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            Re: Where can i get the following?

            The 0450 also has a push to grind button wheras the 0480 has an on/off switch.
            The 0480 also comes with a different/longer warranty.


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              Re: Where can i get the following?

              Thanks for the feedback.

              I have a double filter from a breville bar italia that looks exactly like the krups filter basket (part #0907163) !


              it is a little tight on the PF of my EM4800...

              do you guys think its the same? The bar italia is a "3.5 bar" steam powered machine...


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                Re: Where can i get the following?

                Probably better than the Krups - it tends to be too loose a fit in the Sunbeam portafilters and fall out all the time, also has slightly oversize holes that let some grinds through into the cup.

                Plus if you already have it, the price is right


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                  Re: Where can i get the following?

                  Following the info on this thread I went and got the unpressurised basket from the Breville Bar Italia to fit my Sunbeam Cafe Cremas PF. Fits exactly and only cost less than $10 from the Breville service centre I got it from. Take care as other service centres charge about $17. Not sure if I can name the service centre so I havent but pm me if you want it. I think all I have to do now is to remove the plastic thing inside the PF and plug it up and Im away. Must see about getting another PF and making it naked.


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                    Re: Where can i get the following?

                    Glad to hear it works

                    Ive not tried it yet as i find the pressurized baskets quite satisfactory.

                    I can consistently pull 20 second shots now, and the crema, though semi-fake, tastes alright and is the right color and consistency (previously it was too "white" and fake-ish)

                    Cant be bothered to change to the unpressurized basket even though i already have it as my grinder and tamping procedure is already set up for the pressurized baskets. (pressurized: i have 2xdouble baskets and 1xsingle basket so i can quickly make 5 servings of espresso)

                    I find the bar italia unpressurized basket has really big holes... tested it by putting some ground coffee on it. It gets through! Have you had problems with grounds in your coffee when using the unpressurized basket?


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                      Re: Where can i get the following Sunbeam Stuff?

                      No problems with tamping into the unpressurised basket. No coffee drops out of the holes. However, I do have problem with the PF as the water now seeps out over the pf ie no seal. must find reason and solution which has already been posted somewhere I think.