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Stove top pressure valve

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  • Stove top pressure valve

    Gday guys,

    I had a little incident a few months ago where i forgot to put water in my Avanti 10 cup stovetop mokka pot.

    It was left on the heat for around half an hour whilst i went up to the shops and asked my wife to take it off when finished brewing. it didnt burble so it didnt get taken off. :-[ had some very heavily roasted coffee in the basket when i got back and it took forever to clean the burnt smell and taste out.

    I think due to the sustained heat the pressure relief valve spring has lost its temper and vents everytime i make a brew.

    is there anyone that sells replacement valves?

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    Re: Stove top pressure valve

    Gday Jay_G,
    Have a look at the shops that sell them locally, if they carry spare parts like seals they should be able to get a valve. Most valves only have 1 life and must be replaced after they have been "cooked".

    Good luck,