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All-in-one Grinder and Espresso

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  • All-in-one Grinder and Espresso

    Our espresso machine is shot, our grinder is crummy - wondering if there are any good combo units out there and what kind of price were running? Asking from Canada, so if you know any suppliers our this end or good deals!

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    Re: All-in-one Grinder and Espresso

    Anyone know anything about the Gaggia MDF or MM grinders?


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      Re: All-in-one Grinder and Espresso

      Gaggia MDF grinders are a pretty good unit usually. Depends on what price you can get it for and what else is available in the bracket.
      MM grinders are an appliance level unit. Capable of a fine grind, but not a consistent one. I wouldnt bother with one.
      From a person who has been through the upgrade cycle, try and make your first purchase a high end one.
      Mazzer or Macap or something along those lines. It will serve you well.
      I have done:
      • Blade spice grinder thingy.
      • Delonghi KG100
      • Breville something
      • Gaggia MM
      • Rocky
      • Macap M5

      Had I known all those years ago... I would have saved up for at least the Rocky to be my starting unit.


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        Re: All-in-one Grinder and Espresso

        Id take fatboys advice and go for the Rocky or better. I owned a Gaggia MM and youll just end up with a less crappy grinder but not a good one.


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          Re: All-in-one Grinder and Espresso

          I have a gaggia MDF.
          Its a good little grinder.
          The doser sweeps fairly clean.
          The only thing I dont like is the pf holder.
          I like to updose and I find the holder too high.
          The MDFs have a reputation of lasting many years.
          Ive had one small problem with mine; the doser cam broke.
          Its plastic and inspection revealed a few bubbles within the plastic that must have formed during moulding.
          The importer hadnt ever heard of this before and I couldnt find any references to this problem on the net.
          Despite this rare occurance, I have no hesitation in recommending the MDF.


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            Re: All-in-one Grinder and Espresso

            There arent many combo units but if youre after one of those particularly the LeLit PL042 / Quaha Napoletana / Nemox Dell Opera and their variants are quite reasonable. Rancilio also do the Lucy which is a Silvia and Rocky in the same box. Personally I liked the combo machine I had (Quaha) but the disadvantage is you cant upgrade one component without upgrading the whole thing, and if one part (e.g. the grinder) dies the whole machine no longer works.


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              Re: All-in-one Grinder and Espresso

              Gaggia makes (or did) the Paros, which is basically the Baby/Classic along with the MDF grinder together in one unit. Looks great with nice styling and features. Later!