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Sunbeam EM6910, is mine haunted?

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  • Sunbeam EM6910, is mine haunted?

    Around midnight last night I began hearing a sound which I at first thought was distant doof-doof music (esp being Saturday night  ) but on closer investigation discovered it originated from my Sunbeam coffee machine in the kitchen ...... which was turned off  

    It was a slow rythmic beat, not loud at all, but in a quiet house definately could hear it from the next room. Best way to describe it is  the quiet pumping of a fish tank pump but much slower beats.

    I turned off the powerpoint at the wall and the sound stopped.

    Anybody else had their Sunbeam do the same thing? Normal or is mine haunted?  

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    Re: Sunbeam EM6910, is mine haunted?

    Not normal. Youve got an internal leak which is shorting on the main board and switching on the pump. (You may also smell a burning electrical smell).
    I dont want to alarm you, but you need to unplug it, stop using it and get it back to the service centre as soon as possible .
    This happened to mine - and in fact is back in for repairs after a second recurrance.


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      Re: Sunbeam EM6910, is mine haunted?

      It would appear with Sunbeams when they are turned off unless you turn them off at the wall they are still alive. I have not experienced the noises you have mentioned but would err on the side of caution and get it checked out. :-/


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        Re: Sunbeam EM6910, is mine haunted?

        This have been covered in a number of other posts..

        1: Does happen
        2: Sometimes a leak problem
        3: Other times unknown.

        Solution do not leave in STANDBY Mode... The EM6910 heats up quick enough that you should turn it OFF.

        This is also a power saving approach as nothing in standby mode is clean... They all dray some power. Thus Turn it off, your not putting the system at risk and your saving a few cents..

        We turn most things off at night at the wall and when going away (even for a few days) all power points = OFF and the Gas as well.

        In a near 100 year old wooden home - Any fire will do us in... Not worth the chance. Clocks are Battery operated and thus the clocks on the TV / VCR and Microwave etc are not required.


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          Is my coffee machine haunted?

          Thanks for the replies. So looks likes its nothing as exciting as a haunting ;-)

          It hasnt made the sound since and there was no associated electrical smell, so not sure if I should bother taking it in (and drinking instant till I get it back

          Interested to hear that even with the machine turned off (no lights on) that the unit is still in a standby mode. I didnt see anything in the manual about that, might have another look.


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            Re: Sunbeam EM6910, is mine haunted?

            If it is a leak and you ignore it, itll start corroding inside. Id take it in for a check if I were you...