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  • Info needed!!

    What an interesting forum this is. Discovered it whilst browsing for a new expresso espresso machine.
    My current one filled up the whole house with rancid burning smell and just self destructed (brandname and Model on request)
    I dare not switch it on again. But having some experience in Electrical equipment I know this machine has had it !
    The problem is that the machine is only two years old and I chose it based on Choice Mag suggestion.
    I do not wish to repeat this sceanerio, hence I was hoping someone could suggest a good machine around $600 ?? Preferably twin thermoblock?
    I have been browsing for what seems hours and now I am more confused than ever.
    Maybe someone on this forum can assist

    Much appreciated

    Tony P

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    Re: Info needed!!

    Hey Tony...welcome to the forum...

    Your post was not really in the correct forum and so I have moved it. The For Sale and Wanted forum was not the right section...

    Hopefully you will get some more assistance here. There are plenty who will be able to get you on the right path.


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      Re: Info needed!!

      Gday Tony,

      Welcome to CoffeeSnobs mate... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

      Have just removed your email address from the post above as this is a public forum and we are not immune to unscrupulous authors or purveyors of ubiquitous (so-called) email spiders/bots/harvesters. Better to setup your profile so that other members can contact you via Private Message (PM) or Email via the Email Button at the bottom of any posts you author.

      Therell be a swag of members posting soon to help you with your choices but to help them out you need to tell us a few things first, namely:
      1. Your Budget Limit,
      2. Your current Grinder make and model,
      3. The freshness of the beans you are using,
      4. Do you brew coffee via alternative methods other than espresso, and
      5. Your "Home Barista" experience.

      Hear back from you soon Tony,



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        Re: Info needed!!

        Welcome to Coffee Snobs Tony.

        Choice magazine! Dont start.

        Please PM me the make and model of your recently deceased machine (Im curious).

        Twin thermoblocks suggest you need to steram milk occasionally and for a few coffees at a time on occasion.

        A good grinder is most important.
        Ill wait to read which one you have.

        Where are you by the way?

        If we assume for the moment your grinder may be adequate (Im willing to bet it isnt), $600 will get you a twin thermoblock Sunbeam EM6910.

        Ive used one for a year now and will say they can make a good coffee.
        On the minus side though they are prone to a couple of problems if you dont handle them right and if youre downright unlucky a circuit board may just decide it doesnt like steam and water anymore and just go "FFFTT!".

        How much did the last machine cost?
        Work that as a yearly cost.
        That may help you make a decision on what you buy next.

        Using the EM6910 as an example, Ive heard you can get them for under $550 now if you shop around.

        In a home situation my guess from my experience is it could last 5 years if youre lucky.
        Im pretty sure in that time it will need to be serviced because of failure.

        Remember, downtime means no coffee.

        So the Sunbeam may only cost $110 a year at best.
        Trade in value very little.

        On the other hand as you start going up in price and quality, the annual cost should hopefully come down and the resale value will be higher than the Made in China machine.

        There are many, many solid and reliable machines; some shinier than others if thats what you like.

        Work out your maximum spend (including grinder if needed) as Mal has suggested.
        (Its Christmas, add a little more to the total to spoil yourself.)

        Contact some of the site sponsors for options.
        They are all a great bunch and I have found them passionate about doing the best for us not just try to upsell as other places do.
        Their after sales service is second to none.


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          Re: Info needed!!

          Thanks for the replies

          I am limited to around $600 for the Expresso Machine - and by the way I cant believe I spelt espresso with an X - shame on me and Im Italian !!
          I am located in Sydney and am looking to buy a machine asap I am dying here without my fix :-[

          I read some of the articles on the Grinder section of the forum but frankly dont understand why so much emphasis is put on the Grinder? and I cant believe how complicated they can be. Some even have magnets

          I think i will check out your sponsors and see what they can do for me.

          Cheers All
          Tony P


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            Re: Info needed!!

            Originally posted by TonyP link=1228996543/0#4 date=1229055703
            Thanks for the replies

            I read some of the articles on the Grinder section of the forum but frankly dont understand why so much emphasis is put on the Grinder?
            Its ALL about the grinder Tony! Drop in and I can show you how much difference there is ...



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              Re: Info needed!!

              Hi Tony and welcome to CoffeeSnobs....

              Not sure how much you know about grinders.... so Ill start at the beginning!

              Ground coffee has a life of about 3 minutes.... whole beans about 3 weeks post roast (make sure you start with freshly roasted beans from a local roaster.... NOT from a supermarket etc....)

              OK, so you need a grinder! The purpose of the grinder is to reduce the bean into consistent size little shavings.... so the whizzing blade spice grinder is out! You need a conical or flat burr grinder to start with....

              Now to extract espresso, you need a fine grind..... the cheaper conical burr (Krups and DeLonghi for example) struggle to grind fine enough..... not really an option!

              Also you want a consistent grind (as I said above).... or large particles barely get extracted and the smaller ones get over extracted..... resulting in a bitter, weak espresso. The cheaper grinders have their burrs held in plastic holders and cheap sleeve bushings on the shaft (rather than bearings)..... which results in the burrs wobbling..... and you get an uneven grind! Also some of the cheaper burrs arent all that sharp.... so you pulverise the bean rather than shaving it.....

              The least expensive which is acceptable (just) is the Sunbeam 0450 / 0480...... and as you go up from there - you will get better espresso.

              If you spend $600 on a grinder, use fresh beans and a plunger you will have great coffee...... Use a Synesso machine (over $6,000) and an el cheapo grinder - you will get cr@p coffee..... even the best machine cant make up for poor quality grinds!

              So as we say here. spend as much as you can on the grinder..... and then what is left on a machine, plunger, vac pot etc..... and you will have magnificent coffee....

              Oh, and the magnet.... If you have a grinder like mine where the burrs cost over $200 a set...... the last thing you want in them is a lump of steel...... and yes, metal fragments do come in beans.... as do rocks etc.... Rocks dont cause that much damage.... but steel.... OUCH!!!