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Casa Bugatti Diva, any good?

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  • Casa Bugatti Diva, any good?

    Hey guys

    Ive been looking at getting started with a manual coffee machine but didnt know where to start so i have been browsing various websites looking at whats available. One machine which caught my eye was the Bugatti Diva but unfortunately i couldnt find any detailed reviews. I dont have my heart set on this machine but its my favourite so far, so if you have any suggestions just tell me. Also what would be a good price to pay for it, ive seen it for $949 and also for $799 but perhaps thats a bit much and could be found for less elsewhere.

    thanks alot

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    Re: Casa Bugatti Diva, any good?

    Welcome to coffee Snobs.

    One reason you may not have found any reviews is because its not popular enough.
    If a lot of people buy a machine youll see more reviews.

    Id never heard of this one before you mentioned it.

    It wouldnt be for me.
    Looks too flashy.
    I like my machines functional.

    I couldnt find many specifications on it other than the usual 15 bar pump and that it has an 800mls water tank.
    The drip tray on my machine holds more than twice that much.

    Made of cast aluminium. Also not for me. :P

    I suggest you contacts some sponsors from the list on the left of the page.
    They will work with you and your budget to find a machine that will make good coffee and last for quite a few years.


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      Re: Casa Bugatti Diva, any good?

      Thanks for your response, ive started to rethink decision!

      What is the problem with aluminum cases?

      After realising that there wasnt alot available and also because i got a bit of a bonus this year from work i was looking at streching my budget to around $1500, what would be a good machine in that price bracket? Ive seen the Isomac Zaffiro and i read a review on which said that it was a great machine, has anyone had any experience with one of them? id rather buy the right machine the first time rather than buy something average and regret it later.

      I want to look at a machine before i purchase but im not sure where to start because im in Western Australia and i dont like spending alot of money without seeing something in person.


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        Re: Casa Bugatti Diva, any good?

        WA is a problem.

        Before you address the need to see the equipment you also need to realise that a grinder is more important.

        I agree that buying the right equipment first is the best way to go.
        I did that myself.

        $1500 is a good budget.
        If you spend half on a grinder you will never need to buy another one.

        That then leaves to other half to buy a machine.

        You might consider a Silvia.
        Built to last.

        Why not email all the sponsors at once using the email address at the bottom of the list on the left of the screen.

        They will give you some more detailed options.

        Keep us informed as to your progress.


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          Re: Casa Bugatti Diva, any good?

          I have to agree with TG.

          1. good grinder. After good beans its first in the chain and any problems here make the next step less important. A good grinder will last for many years and only usually needs burrs after hundreds of kilos of coffee.

          2. decent machine. Sylvia is a good choice as long as most of your coffee-making is less than 4 cups at a time--better if its 2. I dont know the other machines you mentioned. The more manual the machine is, the less money is spent on expensive automation, and the more money is spent on quality parts.

          3. training and/or practice. A manual machine does take some learning and instruction can be very useful.  

          Enjoy the trip. Great coffee is just that--great.


          ps--most of the sponsors are real coffee fans themselves, and are very willing to share knowledge and help you get what you want/need.