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  • pimping my machine

    hi all
    looking to buy my first machine, but this post is not about that
    what i want to find out more information about is modding the machine
    im currently browsing coffeeparts, one of the sponsors and they have some great stuff on there
    im looking a getting a new:
    tamper (please do not mention anything about pullmans, i dont have the money)
    steam tip
    and a filter basket
    i want to find out more about the steam tips
    would the ones on there fit the machine i will probably get, a breville cafe roma?
    and would they help in better frothing technique? i also understand that a lot of the frothing lies with my skill, and im prepared to learn
    but the biggest one of the 3 is the baskets
    the cafe roma has the "crema baskets" everyone talks about, after reading the posts about it, i wouldnt want one
    but i dont know what the terms pressurized/unpressurized/single/double etc. mean
    im guessing a single and double unpressurized baskets?
    sorry about the length
    all help is appreciated

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    Re: pimping my machine

    coffee parts do not carry any parts that will fit your machine


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      Re: pimping my machine

      Gday "cn"....

      Quite apart from the fact that youd be lucky to find any aftermarket Steam Tip that would fit the Cafe Roma, I dont think it would be a good idea.

      The Cafe Roma is basically a small Thermoblock machine with very limited steam capacity and should you happen to find another tip that does fit, if the hole(s) was even just the slightest bit larger in cross sectional area than the original, you probably wouldnt be able to generate enough steam pressure to move a piece of tissue paper.

      Stick with what youve got for now and learn how to get the best out of it, is the best advice I can give you. Regarding your other questions, if you do a "Search" of the forum youll find heaps of info on those topics. As far as a Tamper goes, get one that feels "right" for you and that does a reasonable job in the PF Basket using a single tamp action only..... Dont get one that is too small and results in your having to chase the compass around the Basket in order to achieve any kind of reasonable tamp - bloody near impossible actually for a newbie. :-?

      All the best,


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        Re: pimping my machine

        thx for thr replies
        does the pf basket in the roma measure 58mm across?, as a guess?
        google doesnt seem to be turning up anything


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          Re: pimping my machine

          Not as far as I remember....

          More like 50-52mm.



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            Re: pimping my machine

            the Basket in the Sunbeam / breville / Krups machines are a 51 mm

            for replacement filters (non pressuriesed) you should buy the same make, as the wall thicknesses are different

            example = if you use the Krups replacement basket in the breville or the sunbeam, the basket will fall out when you empty the coffee, as the krups has a thinner wall thickness

            if you want to play around with the tip on these machines, then you need to get a whole arm off another model

            some of the tips screw on, some push on others are soldered on

            first you need to buy the machine and use it

            get used to using the standard machine, then when you do change things, you can see if it makes it any better for you

            just because others alter things, doesnt mean that it will suit you or the way you make coffee

            the proof is in the cup



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              Re: pimping my machine

              should i call my local breville service center for the baskets or will they redirect me somewhere else?
              but i do agree i need to try out the machine first, hopefully getting it this weekend
              will try it out from christmas to new year, and after the new year will look at removing the crema system first then some new baskets
              thanks for the insight


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                Re: pimping my machine

                Just a warning on the breville baskets....

                If intending to get a fitted tamper at some stage..... these baskets are very poor candidates for such a tamper!

                They slope inwards as you go deeper in the basket.... and have level marks stamped towards the inside of the basket.... both of which foul the tamper....

                You will need a tamper with a largish gap between it and the basket wall.... and it therefore wont be a good fit!

                Krups baskets are FAR better in this regard.