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  • Mokita Combi for sale

    Im a newbie to CoffeeSnobs, so I hope this is the right place to ask this question. I upgraded to a Giotto ECM about a year ago and have now got around to selling my Mokita Combi. It is about four years old and in good condition.

    1. What is a reasonable price to ask?
    2. Am I better to sell it here or on EBay?

    Thanks for any advice,


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    Re: Mokita Combi for sale

    Welcome Juggler48.....

    Have relocated your post to this area until such time as you have enough posts to allow you to post in the 4-sale area. Suggest you peruse the Site Sales & Posting Policy (The Rules),



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      Re: Mokita Combi for sale

      Opps! Just read them.

      Actually I was only asking for advice. Im happy to follow and the rules and wait until my 2 weeks are up. Im working on getting my post count up.


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        Re: Mokita Combi for sale

        On Ebay you are competing with sub $100 rubbish here at least you are selling to a reading and more enlightened group Add a photo or two maybe 70% of new price and see how you go? At around $500 it should find a new home as a good entry level combo machine.

        Welcome too BTW ;D


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          Re: Mokita Combi for sale

          Thanks for the advice. Once my two weeks probation are up, Ill put up photos etc.