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  • Help with Turmix machine...

    Hi folks, especially Chris because of his Swiss machine,

    Eeks, and I thought Id done the right thing by buying a ceramic water filter a while back, mainly to get any nasties out of drinking water without subjecting it to more in the form of plastics. Now it seems I have annihilated all the good minerals I need and my coffee will taste lousy. But thats not a consideration as yet, I have still to get my machine back to running. Maybe Chris or someone else could help me...

    I have a Turmix from Switzerland, where I lived for a couple of decades. The current machine is one my brother brought back after a visit, exactly the same as the one we had for twenty years, but he didnt use it much in Brisbane so put it on the top shelf until I spotted it, when he gave it to me. But from disuse for a couple of years the main rubber washer has probably withered. I bought a new washer when I was in Europe last, but despite driving to four points of the compas around Sydney to find someone who would fix it, I have yet to find one person who can do so.

    If anyone knows of a person who could replace a washer in a Turmix machine (similar to Jura or Saeco) I would be very greteful, as my only other option it to carry it back to Switzerland when I return in June, which I dont fancy doing as it weights about nine kilos.

    One doesnt know how much is to be learnt about any particular field until immersed in it. Coffee aint just coffee, there is so much else that goes into a good consistent cup of latte or whatever ones preference. So am enjoying reading a few posts, so much to read, so little time.

    From the Coffee Desert of Sydney, cheers to all and wishing you fortuitous consequences for 2009,