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Double spout - different quantities

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  • Double spout - different quantities

    Ive got a Gaggia Classic. When doing two cups, the left one always gets more (about 1/3 more) than the right.
    The machine is level, and as far as I can see so is the hole through the spout. Tilting the machine fixes this, but I have to pad the left about .5 cm, which just doesnt look right.

    Any ideas?



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    Re: Double spout - different quantities

    Originally posted by 4D4A4A4D5B555E513F0 link=1241773031/0#0 date=1241773031
    as far as I can see so is the hole through the spout
    Probably not though.


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      Re: Double spout - different quantities

      Measure it up, it sure is straight, and the machine is horizontal.

      Done a number of testshots, and now I see that sometimes the pour starts left, sometimes right, and changes direction from time to time. Really now telling how it will behave.




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        Re: Double spout - different quantities


        This is where a naked portafilter comes in handy. If youve used one, you would know that a pour generally starts with a number of stalactites (for want of a better word) that then should come together to form a single large stalactite smack bang in the centre of the filter basket.

        A bad distribution or tamp will result in it forming on one side or taking longer to centre itself. which if you have a spout, will obviously result in one side delivering more of the goods.

        Home-Barista has a good tutorial on distribution that illustrates what Im talking about.