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Rate my shots and do you see a puck issue??

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  • Rate my shots and do you see a puck issue??

    OK heres my "new" upgrade

    a Brasilia Lady
    300ml boiler
    1200 watt
    58 mm portafilter
    Brasilia Grinder ??

    cost me what i think was a bargain $150 total for both, only issues was to replace german power plug to aussie (5min job) and clean it up
    also modded the grinder by taking off the doser and adding a bit of rubber from my juicer....

    heres my shots
    1st  40ml double shot in 30 secs

    2nd shot 40ml double shot in 36 secs (over tamped i think as same beans / grind setting) but slower pour
    stoped just after photo at 40ml black mark on glass (nicko)

    heres the puck on shot 2, i sort of see a central section that is slightly "lighter" than the edge ring "darker" does it look ok to you

    you opinons are wanted, what do you think........

    i am (trying) to drink it as a shot  but normally i drink lattes so i have no real "base" to work off.

    Taste might seem a bit sour not sure, beans are not quite 2 weeks old i think from Sibonis Coffee

    need someone to give me a "bloody good" shot so i no what that is.....

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    Re: Rate my shots and do you see a puck issue??

    Looks ok - But pics are really small.
    If it tastes sour it could be that the brew water and/or machine isnt hot enough (but Im no expert).

    If you want a bloody good shot, let us know where you are located and we can help by recommending a cafe.
    Or if thats a bit scary - Just check out the section of the forum dedicated to finding good local coffee. You can look at your own area and see who others recommend.


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      Re: Rate my shots and do you see a puck issue??

      nice puck, good crema but its the taist that counts so you are the only one who can rate it


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        Re: Rate my shots and do you see a puck issue??

        Certainly not the worst puck Ive looked at. No major issues. I think youre over analysing the whole thing - and I come from the new school for coffee thinking!

        As an aside, both technical (more new school and scientific, a lot of new baristas lean towards this way) and sensory evaluation are important. But at the end of the day, its how the coffee tastes that matters, so I guess the old school wins (maybe?). The scientific part of the whole equation just makes our lives a little easier to make us more consistent and understand the processes involved.

        Okay, getting back on track! The non-uniformity of colour on your puck indicates a distribution flaw (highly disordered and uneven extraction through the coffee bed itself). That said, the coffee may still have been more than okay! Without tasting the coffee and seeing your technique, its just a guessing game really.