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Recommendation for an AUTOMATIC system?

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  • Recommendation for an AUTOMATIC system?

    Blasphemy, I know, but I run an office in Sydney and I am hoping some of the CoffeeSnobs might be have some knowledge about automatics.

    The reason I am looking for an automatic is I am worried about clean up and maintenance.

    We have 8 people in the office and will have about 12 by the end of the year. So I think wed average about 10-20 cups per day.

    Ive Googled and got a few quotes which are all about $30-50 per week plus consumables.

    If anything, are there brands that someone can recommend for autos?

    Also, servcing would be a priority so can anyone recommend a Sydney based business so that service is local?



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    Re: Recommendation for an AUTOMATIC system?

    how does instant sound, its a even better bad word but never needs maintenance


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      Re: Recommendation for an AUTOMATIC system?

      You could contact Gilkatho as they may be able to assist or can assist..

      As to maintenance... Forget... Every thing requires a level of commitment and duty of care..

      Even instant gets abused with wet spoons and crap left all over the place.. An auto will not solve that...


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        Re: Recommendation for an AUTOMATIC system?

        Consider a Jura, i am sure there is one to suit only 10 - 20 cups per day.

        As stated they still require regular maintenance such as descaling, cleaning etc etc and also regular machine maintenance is a must to keep the unit at its optimum.

        Its a machine, regardless of Automatic / manual, maintenance is required to some degree.


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          Re: Recommendation for an AUTOMATIC system?

          My experience of Super Autos:

          DeLonghi--lots of cleaning required, including partial disassembly. Repairs/shop maintenance every 6 months or so, was able to be tweaked to give fair coffee (ristretto style + steamed milk).

          Jura--lots of cleaning required. Maintenance visit by company every fortnight. Now on second machine in 4 months. I couldnt get a drinkable coffee out either one--coffee too weak, too much water in steamed milk.

          The staff members who are happy to drink instant or "Coffee Barn" stuff in paper cups prefer the Jura cause they only have to push one button.

          May your luck be better than mine.