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Boiler insulation & noise dampening

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    Thanks - I finally tracked down some from an A/C Supply shop.


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      I used Dynamat for my Bezzera Magica, and am overwhelmed with the difference. Before I use to get some rattles which to me made the machine sound cheap, now all of that is gone,. I can still hear the pump and have a little rattle from the top plate (which cant be insulated as its the cup warmer - I was able to insulate half), but it has made a great improvement. I would like to do the boiler but have not been able to find something suitable. The dynamat is not suitable for the boiler, as it gets to hot and will cause the sticky glue to heat up and not adhere.

      I used a whole packet, I did every wall inside my machine, covered about 8-% of each side, I used some on the the cup warmer (back half which has no holes) and also placed a sheet on the bottom of the machine. I was not game to completely strip my machine but it would have been good to do to cover the motor. I also put some under the cup tray. Any little vibration is gone now.

      I am happy with the result.

      Im now deciding if I should do my grinder, surely it can quietened a bit internally to dampen the noise?

      has anyone done there grinder yet?


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        Has anyone found a local supplier for small quantities of "Closed Cell Silicone Rubber Sponge Sheet" at a reasonable price? Quite a bump but seemed the right thread for the question.

        The only place I could find was Jehbco who won't sell smaller quantities. The guy I spoke to said the smallest quantity they would sell is 1m x 2m x 10mm for $1000! I found an old price list from 2015 but even at 1m x 1m x 10mm back then it was $628.

        I have concerns about using other materials in case toxic fumes are emitted when heated by the boiler. Other products I've looked at don't seem to have an MSDS or full specs to look at (Low Electrical conductivity, Heat ratings etc).


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          Thank for sharing!