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What brand of espresso machine do you own?

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    Re: What brand of espresso machine do you own?

    Interesting numbers.

    Any plans to do this for grinders?


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      Re: What brand of espresso machine do you own?

      Voted other as i have a Grimac 1 group.

      Cheers Matt


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        Re: What brand of espresso machine do you own?

        Voted Other for a Giove II (or should this have been put under E61?)


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          No love for Expobar Office? or even Viebiemme Domobar Junior HX


          Show E61 more love here guys!!! ;D


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            weird can't see no poll


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              Vote for VBM domobar jnr!


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                I started the thread and set the poll up over 4 years ago, seems the poll has been lost in the miasma.


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                  I`ve this one at home La Marzocco GS3 UK | Espresso Machines | CoffeeHit .

                  who have the same ?


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                    Hello Yalta , how's wonderful Moonta!
                    La Cimbali,Bezzera,Nuova Simonelli,Gaggia,Sunbeam,Breville,Kenwood,Krups,RO K (even some Aldi machines for the caravan).
                    Love them all,never been a time where/when I cannot produce a great brew.
                    What do you have in your collection?


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                      Evening Mick,

                      Moonta is pretty much the same as usual, great part of the world to live.

                      I don't collect coffee machines, my interest is in what they dispense into the cup, I bought a Bezzera Domus Galatea about 7 years ago, excellent machine, it produces great coffee with a minimum of fuss, it's teamed up with a Mazzer Mini, don't anticipate replacing either in the near future, simply don't see what a new machine would do that the Bezzera doesn't.

                      In the past I owned a Krupps for a brief period then upgraded to a Silvia which I owned for 10 years, from there to my current machine.


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                        My progression has been:

                        Breville BES820 > Saeco Via Venezia > Sunbeam EM6910 > La Pavoni Europiccola > Wega Mininova > Breville BES900

                        Currently using the BES900 with a Compak K3, no immediate plans to change.
                        Not sure what my favourite has been, they all are good in their own way.


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                          I went from Moka pot to Breville BES900. Currently using it with Macap M4D. No upgrade plans but will replace with something like Minore IV when it eventually becomes fuber.


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                            I started off with a cheap little Breville thermoblock unit which took some real punishment (even survived a short stint at my brother's army barracks) before it finally packed it in a couple of years ago. I then upgraded to a Rancilio Silvia which I paired with a Compak K3 which was a total game changer for me.

                            The Silvia got some rust problems after a bit of neglect in a share house (and going away on holiday for a couple of months while leaving water in the spill tray).

                            Was about to fix up Ms Silvia when I got a good deal on Breville BES920 with the smart grinder a couple of weeks ago. Still have the smart grinder in its original packaging as the Compak is still going strong and I also have a Brasilia which was inherited from the folks (which has pretty much become the girlfriend's grinder)

                            My girlfriend is a barista as well so we have an assortment of every other coffee gadget imaginable from syphons to pourover kits


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                              bes 900 with eureka mignon


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                                I just purchased recently a Diadema Unico Splendor and upto now I am still adjusting with her and for sure sooner or later we will build a special connection between us.. hehehe!

                                Back in the Philippines my first machine was Sunbeam Piccolo and used it for 3 moths or so. And then my partner gave me a new machine which was Sunbeam Café Latte EM5600. Both machines collaborated with entry level grinder (see pics..hehehe) . When I moved here to Australia and my vampire coffee blood is started to arise, I decided to get a Breville 800ES and Breville Dose Control Pro. These two are amazing combination and let me do a decent latte art with a good taste . I had a good learning experience with her (the machines) but sometimes I feel like I want to do more and she cant keep up... For now I am looking for a new home for her...

                                After playing with my Breville machines for about 3 months, I felt like I am ready to go and step up a bit to satisfy my coffee addiction, hehehe! I scouted for over a month of what machines is best for Home set up that is not too big, not too pricey but still can perform as a PRO. I came across with Giotto Rocket, ecm, vbm, expobar and finally the DIADEMA UNICO SPLENDOR.

                                When I unboxed her and set it up on my counter and performed my first latte, it feels like this is the taste I been looking and searching for... she brings out the best aroma and taste of the coffee ofcourse with the help of Mazzer Mini... just PERFECT... And now I am waiting for a decent tamper "great leveller" and tamping stand. As I said I still need to know her better and day by day I am very much willing to adjust to the best of ability to use her (not abuse her) with a heart.. hehehe!
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