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Info/Review of Tampers. No Discussions Please.

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  • Info/Review of Tampers. No Discussions Please.

    Along the lines of the espresso machine review thread, this thread is for the posting of basic information/reviews of coffee tampers and is intended to be used as a starting point for those looking at acquiring a new tamper. Whilst I know that there wont be as many tamper reviews as machine reviews, I should hope that this can be a good starting point for the newbie coffee maker wanting to find information on tampers.

    For ease of reading posts should be made using the following format:

    Tamper Name:
    Price Range:

    This thread is not for any discussion, only informational posts in the above format. Any posts made not of this type will be deleted.

    Unless you have some additional information about a tamper that has already been covered please do not make an additional post.

    Please use the regular forum for any discussion or questions.

    For further information on a particular tamper use the search button at the top of the page, or alternatively use your favorite search engine and add the string to limit the returns to only this site.

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    Re: Info/Review of Tampers. No Discussions Please.

    Name: Bogav Classic Tamper
    Price Range: $85 - $95

    For the past few years at work, I’ve been using a Coffee Lab tamper and during that time, I’d found myself wondering about a tamper that would better fit in my smallish hand. Looking around at tampers on the market, it seems that they are mostly designed to fit the larger palm of a male hand. I have less to stretch over the top of a tamper! Not that I have ever experienced any hand strain issues from the Coffee Lab but I was just wanting to try something else.

    Chris from Talk Coffee sent me up a Bogav Classic Tamper after we’d had a similar discussion when I was down in Melbourne last year and he saw me sizing it up in my hand.

    Out of the box, the Bogav Classic is a fairly basic looking tamper. No fancy colours, nothing fancy in the design, just simple black handle and polished metal base. There is nothing that would really make you look twice at it. Then I had a go at using it...

    At first, I was completely taken aback by how a different tamper could really change the way my coffee was pouring! After seeing and hearing the talk about how tampers can also play such a big part in the coffee process, this real life experience really made me think about that! The Bogav tamper base is only about half of the depth of the Coffee Lab one and I found that I had to make adjustments to my whole method of filling the basket and tamping. It was all good however and within a few goes I had it sorted and the coffee was pouring great.

    I’ve found the Bogav Classic to be a lot lighter in my hand, that is especially noticable for me as the Bogav has a lot less metal in it compared to my other tamper. I don’t think I’ve adjusted my tamping pressure because of the tamper being lighter. I like that it is lighter, though I hadn’t realised just how heavy the old tamper was until I had a lighter one.

    The biggest plus is that the Bogav Classic is a nice fit in my hand, my palm fits around the top nicely and my fingers reach the tamper base comfortably. I’ve not had to worry about any spacers being taken out or needed. Straight out of the box the Bogav has been a neat fit for my hand, along with it fitting well into both my Expobar and Electra portafilter baskets. If you’re looking for a tamper that will fit your hand, have a nice feel, not be too heavy and help you take your skills to the next level, then I’d be happy to recommend that you give the Bogav Classic a go.


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      Pullman Barista

      Name: Pullman Barista Tamper
      RRP: starts at $159.95

      The Pullman Barista is a premium tamper with all the options, designed to be the last tamper youll ever need to buy. Its aimed at high-volume, high-quality premium espresso bars but is equally useful at home.

      The Barista is more a work of art than just another tamper. The design itself is a result of three years of design and over 25 prototypes which were tested by leading espresso bars in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth between 2006 and 2008. This means the materials, ergonomics and features are there because theyve had the tick of approval from the experts; and if it works for them its likely to work for you too. Every single tamper base gets its own serial number and individual measurements so in 10 years time we can make another one exactly the same if required. The timber handles are hand-turned and hand-oiled. Every tamper is hand-assembled and inspected.

      If you just want a generic off-the-shelf tamper then the Barista is probably not for you; but if you want a premium no-compromise product and/or have very specific requirements then its likely to offer what you need.

      In keeping with its design brief, there are a wealth of standard options with the Barista, plus the ability to customise it further yourself. It features:[list bull-greencheck]
      [*]a comfortable rubber inlay in the base which minimises fatigue on the fingers and thumbs when tamping

      [*] three contoured removable spacers to allow height-adjustability. This ensures the ergonomics are maintained, while providing the right height tamper no matter how large or small your hand
      [*] A HUGE array of colours and materials! This means you can get the right colour, or balance, or feel, to suit you. At the time of writing, handles come in:[list bull-greencheck]

       [*] Anodised Aluminium: red, orange, gold, green, blue, violet, pink, bronze, silver and black

       [*] Oiled hardwood: Jarrah, Australian Oak, Checkerboard

       [*] Acetal plastic: black or white

       [*] Leather: a range of colour combinations, all hand-stitched

       [*] Custom: Yep, if the above isnt enough let us know and well sort something special out for you

       [*] Bases come in 304 grade stainless steel, 316 grade stainless steel or aluminium bronze. The last material looks like brass but its a lot more expensive. But its chosen because it doesnt tarnish and require regular repolishing like brass, and it shares a similar density to stainless steel so doesnt upset the balance of the tamper. Again we bypass the cheap options to give you the best options.
      [*] NOT a heavy, base-weighted tamper! Thats right, the Barista is designed to be light and balanced. Its quick and easy to make a bottom-heavy tamper - stainless steel base, aluminium handle = base heavy; and thats why so many tampers are that way. But its not as comfortable to use or as easy on your wrist. So we did lots of work and extra expensive machining to provide a balanced tamper when used with an aluminium handle. Its hard to appreciate the difference in photos but talk to anyone who has one and theyll let you know how good it feels!
      [*] the base features three True-Tamptm rings. These assist you in achieving a level tamp. The base thickness is specifically designed so its top sits just above the top of the filter basket when tamping, rather than disappearing into the basket. This allows you to use your fingers to further ensure the tamper is level.
      [*] custom-sizing to your filter basket included in the price, or alternatively you can buy replacement filter baskets from us and well fit the tamper to them. Either way, why should your 58.9mm basket have a sloppy 58.0mm tamper?
      [*] Custom engraving available - if the tampers a gift or for a corporation, personalise it with a special message / company logo. The methods we offer are designed to work to the same standard as the rest of the tamper.
      [*] Australian made: Thats right, every aspect of Pullman Tampers is made right here in Australia and is endorsed by the Australian Made campaign.[/list]

      More information about the Barista is available at


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        I was fortunate enough to find a prototype of the Eazytamper on ebay for a great price and decided to grab it. As I understand the feedback from the retailer the item is mechanically the same as the shelf version and has a different shaped handle. I thought some feedback from me might assist people who are considering this item (or similar models such as the espro or Technic).

        First impressions were that this is substantially heavier and more solid than my stock sunbeam tamper. The finish was very nice.

        It is sized for a 58mm portafilter and sits neatly with a little more space than I would actually prefer (not sure if the retail version is slightly larger dia?).

        The compression is smooth and easily controlled. No need to listen for a click - just observe when the handle touches the base.

        The base is convex machined stainless with shallow grooves that assist alignment.

        My only gripe was a slight nodule left from the lathe when the base was turned which was sharp and could easily score a nice benchtop. I polished it back and buffed the stainless surface to correct things. Again... not sure if this is a detail corrected on the final product.

        I have been practicing with my tamping to gain good consistency yet frequantly was tamping too heavy from where I had set my grind and dose to be.

        I believe this is an excellent training tool for me and even if I lock the pressure mechanism down it would still be a far superior tamper to my sunbeam (yes yes... I know saying that is not really selling the Eazytamp haha... the sunbeam one is pretty average).

        Results? First coffee was very nice. Right timing and at least as good in consistency as I have been achieving.

        The puck was dry, firm and looked quite even when I broke it down.

        I am using an EM6910, EM0480 grinder and the tamping technique advised in the videos by Scot Callaghan (sp??) available at:

        If anyone needs more info or has questions Ill answer them as best I can.