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Thermosyphon restrictor sizes and actual location?

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  • Thermosyphon restrictor sizes and actual location?

    Hi all,
    I have aread a bit about the thermosyphon restrictors used to reduce the flow of boiler water through the e61, so as to limit the long flushes required beofre pulling a shot.
    I have also read that some are just copper washers with a hole drilled through it, and others are Teflon discs, and also there are adjustable tap mechanisms that can be installed inline, such as the Faema Legend.

    I suppose my question is this, with a standard machine like a Giotto or a VBM, what system is usually used, is it normally a copper washer with a 2 or 3mm hole drilled in it, and where in the thermosyphon line is it located? Also, what is the usual orifice size for one of these? (Just trying to understand the amount of flow restriction that is actually occurring).

    Also, I have read about Gicleur". Is a "Gicleur" the same as a thromosyphon restrictor or something else? Does it have anything to do with the thermosyphon?


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    Re: Thermosyphon restrictor sizes and actual location?

    I also have a question about this subject. When a seller modifies the machine in this way to reduce or eliminate the need for a cooling flush, do they take into account the possibility of pulling a dozen or so extractions one after the other as well as just the problem of the machine sitting idle and heating up too much? As in, is it adjusted to still stay at the correct temp if the machine is under the pump in an office lunch hour?


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      Re: Thermosyphon restrictor sizes and actual location?

      Hi guys,

      Youre asking for an explanation of what is very much a dark art.

      When we developed our kit for the Giotto Premium in cahoots with Peter Cairis, We trialled perhaps 20 different combinations of bits, pieces and settings to get to a point at which we were satisfied.

      Using Peters lessons, I have have now applied the principles successfully to quite a few more machines including my gorgeous 65 Faema e-61. I experimented with multiple setups on this machine as well over months to get an answer I was satisfied with.  Dr Jons Faema legend spent a few weeks on my bench as well. The Izzo Vivi was quicker at about 15 hours of testing.

      All of this goes to support that you cant just pop something in a machine and merely assume it will be right. I reckon youd pretty much get a mini thesis out of analysing the results.

      So, if you want to get into this, all I can suggest is that you buy a Scace II, some good datalogging hardware and be prepared to put in a whole lot of yakka to develop your own intellectual property.




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        @talk_coffee (ancient post I know)

        Massive long shot but do you have still have info on the VIVI Thermosyphon restrictor? I was trawling google for info to fit on to my VIVI and this came up.

        Getting bored of the massive flushes to cool it down with the tiny water tank.