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  • azkoyen to auto

    I cant believe Im going to ask this,
    even thou I own a thoroughly wonderful azkoyen bravo that has served me well for a few years now,
    Im considering buying an automatic machine, someone please talk me out of it cos the last time I looked at these they were full of problems!


    PS harro CSers been a while since Ive ventured here

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    Re: azkoyen to auto

    Surely no mere coffee machine would dare trouble Lord Vader ?

    Back to the question, can you get a seller to produce some sample coffees ?
    You may well find youself re-thinking.


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      Re: azkoyen to auto

      Originally posted by 577168686B040 link=1324957826/0#0 date=1324957826
      ......Im considering buying an automatic machine, someone please talk me out of it cos the last time I looked at these they were full of problems!...
      Not really. Just like everything it depends on how careful you are in the selection of brand / model to suit you, the price you are prepared to budget for, the expertise of your retailer, and how well you get to know it and take care of it.

      You obviously have some reason for considering an auto for your particular situation.

      Be aware they make a different kind of espresso, and just like any other machine they are subject to how well they are set up (by you or your supplier) to suit the particular beans you like to use.  So if badly set up they make rubbish....just like your azkoyen and grinder will if badly set up and poor operator technique and understanding is employed and, if well set up, they will make  a good, auto style espresso. They are getting better and better, there are more and more to choose from with unfortunately some very cheap models to tempt the budget conscious, have their place in particular situations, and its up to you to decide and spend wisely.



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        Re: azkoyen to auto

        the honest answer, pure laziness!
        And my wife doesnt know how to use Azzy despite my attempts to show her, plus that way she can have coffee when Im working weekends and nighttimes and for those days when I seriously cant be bothered!
        So I was thinking of using the auto like a backup
        I remember saeco and delonghis that friends owned were forever being fixed, just wondering if anyones found one thats worked well, and your right all depends on techniques etc brand, price wise up to 2K I dont mind paying for it, as long as it works!

        thanks for the replys

        Dabber, I still havent honed my "force skills" to operate it, my Jedi powers are weak for a old man


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          Re: azkoyen to auto

          Originally posted by 55736A6A69060 link=1324957826/3#3 date=1325131424

          Dabber, I still havent honed my "force skills" to operate it, my Jedi powers are weak for a old man
          Still, Im glad you shared the image. I love it.

          Re try before you buy. Its a double-edged sword. You may like and you may not. Sounds though your wife needs to trial too. The wife-test is my most important test when buying cars, its part affection part survival. Are you keeping the Azkoyen ?

          Btw How many edges on a light-sabre ?


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            Re: azkoyen to auto

            In my experience, the less use a domestic auto machine gets, the more service prone it may become. 

            Except in the case of real bargains coming up ( and they do come up occasionally) IMO your threshhold is about right to start at around 2k. I dont think I would spend any less on an auto, and more is probably better.

            The latest model Juras are vasty improved, deliver coffee & milk at the right temp, & their frothers should be able to do microfoam (if not, then close to). Repeat, they must be the latest models. The thing about them is they would tend to go to the more and more exi end, rather than what some other manufacturers seem to do which is to keep introducing more and more down market stuff to make their machines more affordable and of course, move more boxes.

            Dont forget, using an auto for only a small number of coffees can be more of a pain than using a conventional esp machine. Down market machines invariably need one or maybe two coffees run out (wasted?) before they will give you a good temperature in the espresso. They frothers are more likely to deliver cooler than optimum temperature  suds, although you can fix the temperature simply and still get suds. The clean up for the trouble is no less than for a conventional machine and the coffee is different.....only you can answer if it worth the trouble.

            If you can do a side by side test with a conventional and an auto, ask you wife to decide which coffee she likes better, and which machine is easier to use, and in reality which machine she thinks is quicker or less trouble to clean up after. They all have a legitimate overall bearing on whether something is or is not suitable for any particular situation or client, and it is possible that after such a side by side, your wife may become more amenable to learning your existing set up. Many of us have wives that are quite capable on the coffee machine



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              Re: azkoyen to auto

              I think it also maybe a bit more of liking having it made for her
              Fortunately she is not a "she who must be obeyed" shes a "she who lets me do whatever the hell I want as long as the bills are paid" hence I own a commercial
              And considering how much the Azzy is used daily, just by me alone, Im sure I wont have a problem with a auto sitting around not being used

              My doctors are constantly saying are you going to cut down on your coffee? I usually respond with, you going to stop breathing?
              I mean geez I quit smoking now way in hell giving up coffee!!!!!


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                Re: azkoyen to auto

                bugger it i dont like the autos i played with,
                getting a bes900 and auto grinder, SHE CAN LEARN!!!