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Dilemma, Refurbish a Commercial or New Home Specific Machine

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  • Dilemma, Refurbish a Commercial or New Home Specific Machine

    Hi there guys,

    So a bit about myself:

    Ive been trawling through these forums for quite a while now and I have just decided to join the community and contribute to the many discussions!

    I have a dilemma here. I am a self confessed coffee addict! A bad coffee can bring me to tears and the perfect coffee will bring me happiness

    I recently decided that my Automatic Coffee machine at work and capsule coffee machine just werent putting a smile on my face and potentially ruining my days from the start. So I decided to buy a decent entry level machine and give myself a chance to try replicate some of those amazing coffees Ive had around the beautiful city of Melbourne.

    My current setup at home for the past 12 months has been Breville BES820 and the BCG450 Grinder and I only use freshly roasted beans. This grinder is giving me grief so I will be upgrading to the BCG800 after doing a fair bit of research on this forum it seems to be the best grinder for my budget!

    Anyway, As per title.
    I have upgraditis and I am caught between two options. Either purchasing a second hand higher end home specific machine in the range of $1500 - $2000 or do I go and purchase a machine that needs a little bit of love and refurbish an old single or double grouphead small commercial machine?

    I should point out that I am a technician by trade and I have refurbished, repaired and built many things like this. So I believe I have the skill set to complete such a project.

    My questions are as follows
    -Is the quality of coffee coming out of a small commercial machine going to be on par with that of the $2000 range of home specific machines?

    -Recommendations of which brands and models I should keep an eye out for this particular refurbishment project?

    ps: I predominately drink milk based coffee, lattes capps etc. But I do make short blacks and machiatos when the family come over so I wouldnt want to be embarassing myself.

    Regards Brendon

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    Re: Dilemma, Refurbish a Commercial or New Home Specific Machine

    Welcome to CS Brendon.

    Very simple reply only reqiured, by answering a question with a question.

    Do you want a good, functioning, new, no fuss coffee machine straight up so that you can enjoy the coffee now, or are you looking for a project / hobby with coffee some time down the line or never?

    If you want a good functioning coffee machine now there are several in the $2000.00 range that do an admirable job. These ARE micro sized commercial machines not large domestic machines, & are called in the industry "semi-commercial".

    When comparing these to larger sized commercials, there is not necessarily any detectable diff in the quality of performance (given certain variables that its not necessary to go into here and now)  except where the larger machines can produce more volume.

    Also new machines have been developed, refined. Old machines that you do up are just old machines that you did up.

    As you are at home and not in a small business or cafe, the volume doesnt come into it.

    If you want to look at some great, new semi commercials, we import and sell BFC Junior machines and highly recommend them.

    You will also need a good grinder to match to the machine without which, any good coffee machine is not going to do it for you ie pre ground coffee or coffee ground with small / cheap end grinders will not be suitable to the task, think of it being the same as hi fi. Good amp but cheap turntable or CD player simply = good amplification of garbage sound.

    I hope that answers the question.


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      Re: Dilemma, Refurbish a Commercial or New Home Specific Machine

      I am far from an expert, but I have been reading this forum for a while, and from what ive read, if you have a couple of grand to play with, youd be much better off getting a better grinder than the BCG800, and spending less on the coffee machine.


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        Re: Dilemma, Refurbish a Commercial or New Home Specific Machine

        There are many who have bought a good reconditioned and working second hand commercial machine. They are built to last, and can be purchased in combination with a second hand commercial grinder for under $2000. They do not always come up, but can be found.
        PM sent.


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          Re: Dilemma, Refurbish a Commercial or New Home Specific Machine

          Thank you for the replies!

          I am really leaning towards the small commercial setup after doing a few hours of reading over fellow Snobs.

          Are there any machines in particular that would stand out more than the others in this range?

          I actually did go out and buy a BCG800 today which has been really exciting, new toys are always fun! I went thru nearly 200gm of fresh beans dialing it into the BES820.

          So hopefully it will pair well with what ever machine I end up with.