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Knockbox from IKEA

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  • Knockbox from IKEA

    I call it the PUCK

    did some searching at Ikea and found this jug quite ideal. Quite thick plastic that has a bit of give, not the acrylic-type jugs that might give way after 10 knocks.

    It has a good beefy vertical lip that would support a knock-bar quite well. bought a few more jugs to do a version 2.0 or maybe as giveaways to some coffee friends.

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    Re: Knockbox from IKEA

    Allywee, welcome to CoffeeSnobs and the BDB owners.

    PUCK is cleverly made knock box.

    I have a Breville Knocchi kb sitting next to my Breville Dual Boiler.

    I also have the same Australian made Bogav tamper as you that was made to fit the BDB.

    Although I sleep while watching TV on a comfortable ike-a chair, I don’t go to their stores now as I dislike having to walk past everything in the store before buying what I want.



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      Re: Knockbox from IKEA

      Nice, what did you use for the bar part?

      Reminds me of this puppy I cobbled together recently. I call it the TOMMYKNOCKER, well I dont, but I will now 

      Its made from a breville milk jug that I no longer use for milk. Its a good size, and suits the look of my LaPAv - if only I could say the same for our benchtop  :P


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        Re: Knockbox from IKEA

        allywee, it should be P[ch368]CK to go in with the Ikea way of accenting lots of the letters in the names ;D


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          Re: Knockbox from IKEA

          Couldnt find the accent keys on my laptop otherwise all the accents would go in for sure

          I reused the knock bar from my cafelat tubby knock box that got retired. Or else I wouldve had to do something in PVC pipe. I got tired of my cafelat which needed emptying after about 8 double pucks.
          Now Ill probably empty it when the mushrooms grow too dense ;D