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  • Group Head Conversion

    I have been doing a little searching and tossing up ideas with my espresso machine resto project.  What I wish to achieve is a fully functioning machine initially, then after that I want to turn it I to the best machine it can become.
    So the question I have come to and found not a single bit of i information, is it possible to change the groups on a machine? For instance convert them to e61 instead of the standard groups?
    As far as I can tell as long as the piping Into the back of the groups are the same it should be a straight bold on?

    Edit sorry an iPhone is a terrible thing to type on...

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    Re: Group Head Conversion

    Anythings possible given time, determination and parts. Question is, why do it - what is the machine going to gain, that it doesnt have already?

    Most likely itll be way more trouble than its worth. A few more details perhaps on your reasoning behind wanting to change the groups?


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      Re: Group Head Conversion

      Well thats definitely a good question and one Im likely asking out of inexperience in espresso machines.

      I guess Ive always assumed the e61 groups are some of the best functioning out there. My San Marino aka Astoria divina looks like its built very well and will likely not "need" better functioning groups.
      However the machines ugly and Ive polished through the chrome. This has got me think of how I could do away with allot of the front fascia if I were to design a better looking machine. E61 groups do look very good.

      I guess the question is, how worth it is the idea?
      I have seen a custom espresso machine on another site but it looked well rubbish apart from the idea of adding an e61.