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What is a good external pump?

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  • What is a good external pump?

    I have been told I need a second pump to support the internal pump of our Sanremo Amalfi Deluxe. We are pumping out of a 20L drum of water rather than using mains pressure and have had to replace the internal pump after 12 months.
    Can anyone please recommend a good external pump? Is it simply a matter of connecting the outgoing hose of the external pump to the incoming hose on the internal?

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    Re: What is a good external pump?

    There is generally no need for an external pump with commercial machines when fitted with Rotary pumps.

    Your premature pump failure is quite likely linked to having run the pump dry for extended time trying to get it to draw water from the under bench drum without having fitted a non return valve (check valve) at the tank and then priming the inlet (suction) line to the pump initially.

    With good plumbing and priming these pumps are more than capable of drawing water from under bench supplies without an additional pump.

    A photo or two of your install or cart might be a help as well if you have or can do them


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      Re: What is a good external pump?

      In theory a rotary or centrifugal pump can suck water up to a height of about 10 metres vertically, less any friction head of the pipes. However it must be primed, with the pump and suction pipe full of water and a one way foot valve at the bottom to keep it primed.



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        I too am thinking about an external pump. I have recently had the good fortune to acquire a rotary e61, which I would like to 'plumb in' to a 20 or so litre external tank.

        It seems clear from reading about that the rotary pump will happily draw from an external tank, provided that it has a non return valve fitted (to ensure the pump is primed at all times).

        However, the e61 has the 'pre-infusion' position on the lever and I am thinking it is worthwhile to get this option happening. But it needs some pressure - which normally would be sourced from the external mains pressure at 3 bar (42 psi). With an external tank, however, I would need a pump to provide that pressure.

        This pump would seem to fit the bill quite cheaply:

        Is this the right sort of device, or are there better options?
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          Originally posted by slowdown View Post
          However, the e61 has the 'pre-infusion' position on the lever and I am thinking it is worthwhile to get this option happening. ?
          You are aware that the E61 group has an internal, "automatic", pre-infusion function (5-7 secs) that starts when the lever is fully raised ??
          The "manual" pre-infusion you are considering ..( raising the lever just past the mid (dwell) position ) .. will simply start that same process manually...assuming you have 2+ bar supply pressure.

          There is actually a contentious debate that you can introduce another "puck soak" facility when using the mid lever position a non -plumbed E61 m/c , as an unpressurized volume of brew water will be released to "Sit" on the puck until the lever is fully raised and the normal pre-infusion and extraction starts.
          Much debate as to the effects of that !
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            Thanks for the reply. I suppose one wonders whether it is worth it then with the e61 grouphead...

            Maybe I'll just get a non return valve and forget the Flojet / Shureflo etc