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  • Faema Family Problem


    Just joined and this is my first post, been looking at some of the old posts but have found nothing relating to the issue that I'm experiencing.

    I have an old cream col. Faema Family machine with the brass boiler (same that Sparky had).....believe it or not a few years ago someone had thrown away the machine, Faema grinder and the base....all the machine was missing was the handle and filter.

    I've been using the grinder with my Coffee gaggia machine (although a cheap machine, I just can't give it up) and it's been working just fine.
    Now, I've had the machine sitting since the day that found it, last week I decided that I would bring it to work because I'm sick and tired of buying Espresso at these coffee shops like Timothy's, second cup or Starbucks that tastes like dirty water (I'm in Canada by the way).
    I've opened the boiler and it's really clean this machine may have not been used a lot, the issue that I'm having is that after the machine has been on for 2-3 minutes you can hear the water boiling and you can see the water going back out through the silicone tube back into the cold water tank.

    When I first turn it on I'll press the coffee button to fill the boiler, that part is OK, if I wait the 2-3 minutes and press the coffee button again I get a lot of steam coming through the group head and the machine will not refill the boiler, in fact it goes backward into the water tank.

    I took apart the solenoid but I really can't see anything wrong with it, I also played with the OPV valve, still the same outcome.

    Does anyone think that I'm on the right track thinking that this may be solenoid related, if not could anyone point me to the right direction.

    I'd love to get it going again, when I opened the machine you cold see the quality built inside of it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like your brew thermostat (I assume this has a separate brew and steam 'stat but some of them only have a brew 'stat) is siezed, that would explain the steam from the group when you after a couple of minutes, essentially the 'stat isn't opening, or isn't opening at the right temperature.

    Should be an easy/cheap fix, most of these single boiler machines use the same style of thermostat so they're pretty interchangable.

    Solenoid issues generally manifest as a failure to hold pressure or a failure to release pressure.


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      Yes it does have a separate brew and steam stats, I guess I'll start by getting one and see if that pans out.
      So essantially what you're saying is that since the thermostat is not switching off the boiler keeps on getting hotter and hotter and the water and steam escape through the pump back into the water reservoir.

      Thanks again, will let you know if it works.



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        Almost right.

        The backflow you're seeing will likely be from the OPV, essentially the combination of pump pressure and boiler pressure (due to the thermostat not opening) will cause the OPV to open which will result in water (and likely steam in your case) flowing back to the reservoir.


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          Thanks again.



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            No worries, glad I could assist.