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Fitting a bead type thermocouple (to a Silvia).

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  • Fitting a bead type thermocouple (to a Silvia).

    I have a k type thermocouple with a bead.

    Despite hours of searching, I cannot find a definitive answer about exactly how to attach it to my boiler (in my case, a Rancilio Silvia).

    There is about 10mm of bare wires at the end of the probe.

    Do I need to prise these apart?

    Should the bead be placed directly under one of the brew thermostat screws?

    Should I instead attach the thermocouple to a ring crimp connector, then place the ring under the thermostat screw?

    Any advice appreciated.

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    I expect crushing the bead under a screw will end in tears.

    High temp tape might do the trick. 3M makes tapes that will hold to 200c but most foil duct tape should be ok for boiler temps.

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      Would have thought some high temp tape as Andy suggested or some kind of silicon compound.

      You might want to think about how you will be making a decent 'thermo coupling' though - something akin to the silicon grease used for attaching a heat-sink to a computer processors for example to ensure that you track the temperature accurately. You'd be surprised how thermally inefficient an oxidized surface can be


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        I made a small metal "tab" to retain the bead from one of the T'stat screws..a crimp connector could do the same job, not with the bead crimped in,.. just to trap the bead against the boiler surface . Then use thermal paste ( $2 from JCar) to ensure a good thermal contact. Insulation on the top is a good idea too.
        Its not rocket science, HT tape would do just as well.